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      hi my name is mallory i’m 19 years old i drop out of high school (before i was pregnent) i want a career and i also want to explore life but know i feel i can’t i’m 1 month pregnet from my last period so not including my period i’m only 2 weeks in i had a one night stand with a guy and know i’m pregnet i’m scared alone and i think i can’t do this i can’t put it up for adoption cuz i would be haunted by it for the rest of my life and i also can’t get an abortion becasue i can’t kill an inocent family is preasuring my to abort the baby becasue they say i can’t ake care of it and that i will be on wellfare for the reat of my life i just really need help and advise i’m so confussed and stressed and scared and so sad. i want to find the father and tell him but my family is telling me not to becasue they say if he wasn’t resposable enough to us a condome then he sure can’t take care of a child. i was happy at first i was so happy about it i had it planned that i was going to keep it but know it just hit me that i’m pregnet and i don’t know what to do to support it i don’t have a job right know i just quite becasue i found out i was pregnet and my job was waitresing but i don’t was to work a superstore or walmart for the rest of my life. i know my letter probably doesn’t make sence and it jumpy but that just shows how confussed i am and i need help and advise so some one please help me. please.



        Mallory, I am 15 years old! FIFTEEN! I may be pregnant with my boyfriend of 2 years. I plan on keeping the baby if I am. If I can’t handle it, I will put it up for adoption. You should try that too. But don’t kill your baby. Just try raising it. It will all eventually work out if you give it your all. Remember, we are here to support you!



          I can understand how your head is spinning in a thousand directions right now. Even if it was just a one night stand I would tell the father of the child that you are pregnant with his child. Perhaps he will be there for emotional and or financial support for you and for the child.

          I can understand your fear that having a child might put your careeer and life on hold. It is true that life can be more hectic when you are balancing work and caring for a child, but it is possible. Even if you feel that you can’t provide for a child, you could consider adoption as one possibility. Perhaps you could consider an open adoption, in which you would still have contact with your child. It might be hard to give a child up for adoption, but at least you might be able to see them sometimes and you know that they are alive and have a chance. If you choose to have an abortion you will never be able to see the child and it will can also haunt you for the rest of your life.

          I have known women who have worked as a waitress through their pregnancy and managed just fine (some claimed they got better tips once they started showing). As a waitress I would be careful not to lift too much weight and to try to not get too worn down. Otherwise unless your doctor sees a problem I don’t think that you would have needed to quit your job this early in the pregnancy. In the meantime I would try to find another job. You might see about applying for WIC or medicaid coverage to get you through the pregnancy. Don’t be ashamed to accept help if you need it. However as far as finding a good job and proving your family that by having this child you won’t necessarily be on welfare for the rest of your life I would try studying to get your GED. I hope that your family will be more supportive of you and that whether you choose to give the child up for adoption, or to raise it yourself you will choose to have the child. Hang in there and good luck.



            get your G.E.D and look for job opportunities. Don’t let your family pressure you into something you don’t want to do, and something you will most likely regret. Do what you feel is right in your heart and everything will work out for the best.

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