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      So… still assuming I’m pregnant… (Read the latest blog.)

      I would be about six weeks along at this point. Six weeks isn’t very far along, but I went through a pack of cigarettes every three days up until two weeks ago when I decided I’d keep this baby. So for the first four weeks, I was generally in a constant cloud of smoke.

      Will my baby be okay? I quit cold-turkey the second I decided to keep the child and haven’t been around it since.


        First of all… congratulations on deciding to quit smoking!!! I’m sure it’s a tough thing to quit cold turkey the way you did, but it’s a really smart move. Not only for your baby, but for yourself!

        Second, although yes, it wasn’t the best thing to have been smoking while you are pregnant it’s better to have stopped now rather than later.

        You baby is developing at such a rapid rate that by you stopping, you have given them some time to “catch up”. Not that they are developmentally delayed, but that you are giving them a fresh start. Good for you! Chances are, you and your baby are going to be just fine. You’ve already got the makin’s of a good mommy. 🙂


          Your baby should be fine. It’s great that you decided to do what’s best for your baby and quit! 🙂

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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