rest in peace zachary mommy loves you

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      i just thought id come on here and update.
      on december 14th i was in a car accident, i was in the backseat and yes i was wearing my seatbelt. a girl cut us off and didnt have her headlights on and it was dark out and all the power in town was out. so we didnt see her. it was a head on collision and we then hit a tree. i went to the hospital that night and everything had been ok. the next day i knew i had to go to the doctors but i had court and didnt have time. the day after court i asked my mom to call the dr to get a note about my injuries for school. they tried finding the heart beat and thought maybe he was just shaken up and hiding far back but i knew he was gone. they sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound but wouldnt let me see. my dad was with me. he told me yesterday that he saw the heart and it wasnt beating. but at the time he tried telling me he didnt know. but i knew when they told me they were sending me to the waiting room and would call my dr. i waited and the dr called the phone in the waiting room and my dad answered for me and started crying. i knew then that he was gone. they sent me upstairs to induce my labor. and i delivered him on the 17th at 8 14 pm he was 13.5 ounces and 17 cms long. we named him zachary joseph.


        Aw Hun! I am so sorry to hear that! I will be praying for you! 🙁


          i am so sorry for your loss!!


            i am so sorry…i will pray for u and ur baby…


              I am so sorry for your loss.I will keep you in my prayers


                I am so sorry for your loss. It really breaks my heart to hear these stories, but amazes me the love that you have for your son. It’s stories like these that need to remind us that we should never take things for granted, but also that everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for everyone in life. Just always remember that.

                I’ll be praying for you.


                  oh my goodness hunny.
                  I really dont know what to say because nothing i say will change what happened.
                  I’m so sorry to hear what has happened.
                  Take Care!

                  did you get the person in the end who hit you? I really hope they catch her and know what she has done.


                    Oh god, I am so so sorry to hear about your loss, I could never imagine losing my son, I hope you have all the support you need for this hard time! My son and I will pray for baby Zachary tonight when I put him to bed, god bless!


                      Oh Hun, I am so, so sorry. 🙁 You will be in my prayers, I wish the best for you, please take care

                      sophia roses mummy

                        hi im really sorry for your loss
                        luv gabby xx

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