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      hey ok so i have a question. umm i was off of my birth control for a week and my boyfriend and i have unprotected sex. i am back on my birth control and i want to know the chances of me getting pregnant during that week. i have been tired, getting headaches, and naucious in the morning. i am also getting really bad cramps from my pelvis to my belly button. does this mean anything? and if i am back on my birth control and i got pregnant during that week will this terminate the pregnancy? plz reply asap



        Everything you are feeling sounds like a pregnancy to me, and even more if u got off of your birth control and had unprotected sex during that week, I think what you should do right now first of all is take a pregnancy test to know if you are or not pregnant. And as far as I know, taking your birth control back (in case u got pregnant from that week) shouldn’t terminate your pregnancy but in some cases it can cause an indirect negative effect on the baby. Those cramps u say can mean a lot of things so you should have a talk about this with a doctor. Hope this helps. Best wishes!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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