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      This is not something you or your bf planned. You should still take other measures then just the IUD. And to be quite honest with you, both you and your bf chose to have sex so this is not only you. Put your chin up and be strong don’t let anyone pin this only on you. If this is what you want (to keep the baby) then do it. In the end everyone will come around when the baby is born and the being angry will be a thing of the past. Worst case if they all don’t approve you can do it on your own. Best of luck. Jessica


        I am so glad that you are going to keep your baby! It will be soooo worth it in the end! 🙂
        Just one thing, if you have a copper IUD you should go to the doctor immediately, have it taken out, and have them check to see if you have an ectopic pregnancy, ok?


          Be careful and get medical attention ASAP because an IUD can be dangerous to you and the embyro.

          Don’t worry about what his father says. He only wants what’s best for his son, and he’ll get used to the idea. He may even get excited, especially after his grandchild is born! My boyfriend’s mom was like that. She was so attached to him that she hated me for getting the attention from him. She felt like I messed up his life and did this on purpose… but eventually she realized that it really does affect me more than it does him. Try and talk to his dad and tell him how you feel. You should develop an open communication with his family because, in reality, the baby needs family just as much as you. It will hurt him/her in the future to know that you don’t get along. And you don’t want your child to be hurt. So make sure to work that out before the baby is born. Of course not everyone will love you entirely… but at least make an effort with his family, because this is difficult on everyone involved, including family.

          I wish you tons of luck with your little baby. You are right, you are so blessed! 🙂 Talk anytime you need to.


            I’m sorry to hear all this, that is a rotten situation.

            If you need support and advice, that’s what this site is for, :D! We’re here to help you and back you in your decision. Like I’ve always said, it’s your body, you do with it what you will. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

            Talk to your boyfriend about this. Find a time when your both relaxed, or go somewhere peaceful and relaxing for him. As I always said, it takes two to tango, so he’s as equally responsible in this as you. You TRIED to stay safe. You may be right that God is sending you what He believes is in your best interest. I’ve heard a lot of people say “God will not hand you anything you can not handle” This might be true! Consider your options.

            As far as not getting support from the people closest to you, well, I guess they aren’t the best of the closest? You don’t have to talk to his parents. And ask your boyfriend if he thinks he’s ready to be a father, not his family. Have a serious talk about it. Just relax, and take it as it comes.

            My best advice is that if you want to keep your child, then keep it! Even if he wants no part in it, there are state programs and stuff in mostly every state to help single mothers, especially if you’re at a young age. And if he wants no part in your child’s life, forget him, there’s much better men out there 🙂

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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