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      I’m Amber. I am 20 years old, mother to my beautiful 13 month old daughter (her name is Crystal Samara – hence my username). I was with my significant other for nearly three years, engaged for one and a half of those three years. We were happy together, but I needed some changing (dealing with various emotions and my past).

      Greg (my ex) told me that I needed to change for the magority of our relationship together. I heard him, but never really did listen or take actions to help myself. In fact, it took 3 huge breakups, a couple of small breakups, and a family crisis for me to finally get the idea that I needed to deal with my issues. I never saw it in myself that I needed changing, until it was too late.

      I found out I was pregnant on July 9th, had a miscarriage scare on the 10th (bleeding, cramping) which turned out to be false. The emergency ultrasound showed that I am around six weeks pregnant, baby’s heartbeat is a little slower than they’d like (‘nothing a little rest and relaxation won’t fix’, so says the doctor).

      When I told Greg about the pregnancy, I didn’t know he had already moved on (we broke up nearly two weeks ago). They have been together for a little over a week, and they apparently are in love with each other. Greg told his new girlfriend, she was a little broken up (she told him she is in love with him, then she finds out her new lovers ex fiancee is pregnant). She decided she still wants to be with him. Greg still wants to be with her.

      I am alone in this. He told me he is not supporting me in any way, shape or form. Only that he wants to be a part of this new baby’s life (seeing ultrasound photos, seing the baby after I deliver). I live in Edmonton, Greg and I moved here last year so we could raise our daughter in a place with more opprotunity. I left my family for him, and my new family. Now all I have left is my daughter, and the support of his grandparents.

      I am a supervisor at a restaurant in my area. I don’t make much, but I will have to make do with what I bring in. I am also seeing a psychologist. I am sure I can pull through this. It’s going to be pretty hard though. Single, pregnant, with a toddler, living on my own, and with only the support of two people.

      I hope I can find a little more support in these forums. I also use LiveJournal, but the parenting communities in that place are pretty much full of people bitching about formula vs breastfeeding, and the bad shit parents do while they are pregnant. It really does get tiring.


        Whoa, honesty is there a way you can move back near home? maybe you need some more support. All though goood for you on everything, and your obviously a stroung person. good luck with everything, you will make it though!!

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