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      Hi Everyone!
      3 months ago, i found out i was pregnant. It was a shock but very much wanted by me and my partner, we were so excited. Unfortunately, i had a miscarriage, which has been really upsetting and difficult to deal with.
      We are now trying to fall pregant again. It’s too soon for a preg test or a missed period but i was wondering if anyone has had any really early preg signs?? I woke up with sore breasts this morning (they’re ok now) and i’ve had a few severe headaches the last couple of days…
      We did make love when i was at my fertile time, but not sure if i could be. Maybe i just want this too badly….
      Any advice or kind words would be very much appreciated…thankyou 🙂


        Well for one thing I am so sorry that you had a miscarriage!! I feel so bad for the girls on here that do cause I can only imagine how hard it is on you guys! So for your happiness I do hope that you become pregnant and have this baby that is now waiting for you in heaven! To tell the truth, I cannot think of any early symptoms of me being pregnant. I found out in the 5th week, so I am not sure. All I got was morning sickness from the 2nd month on. So I know it is very hard to keep patient until the test is done, but that is your only proof, or going to the doc ofcourse! Good luck, I wish you all the best!


          As soon as I became pregnant, I knew right away. I was 2-3 weeks after my missed period and my breasts were SORE….and I don’t mean they are sore for a couple hours and then they are okay…sore ALL the time like I got hit by a bus. I wore 6 bras constantly. My moods were out of control. Then I had morning sickness…not just morning…all day long. So bad that I developed food avoidance. I was not eating anything at all. Water made me sick. Then I was urinating every 2 minutes…I stayed in the bathroom so long I had my own zipcode. That was just me, though. Women are all different. Wait until you miss a period…then worry. In the meantime, don’t stress too much and just go with the flow. Best of luck to you.


            Both of my pregnancies were really unplanned but I just "knew" I was pregnant. I mean within a few days of conception. My best friend thought I was crazy until it turned out that I was and the calender says my intuition was right on ha ha. It sucks but you just have to wait til you can test. Thats what pregnancy is, waiting ha ha.


              Hi Everyone,
              Firstly i wanted to thank you all for your kind words and support!
              And i also wanted to share my wonderful news!
              I AM PREGNANT!!!!!
              I knew i was! I just felt it! Now i just need everyone to pray for me so this pregnancy is healthy and i have a beautiful baby…..I’m so happy 🙂

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