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      First time here
      thought you girls could help me, I’m desesperate :'(
      march 20th, I had sex with a condom, it didn’t break or anything but before we sort of “played” and I think that maybe something could have entered inside me
      I feel tired, emotional, dizzy, I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks after I had sex it turned out negative.
      My period was supossed to come today … still nothing, I’m never ever late, I’m so so so scared, honeslty, I won’t be able to handle a baby right now
      please, help me out, it will mean the world to me, anything you know


        hello sweetheart-

        first of all if you panic and get stressed you can delay your peroid, so that could not be helping as you are panicing about pregnancy.
        wait a few more days and then take a test or have a blood test (blood tests are more accurate).

        However if you are pregnant seriuosly think about your options, if you dont want this child then think about adoption. abortion is not the answer. trust me!

        let me know.

        take care sweetie xx


          if your period doesnt come in the next 3-4 days then get a HPT if its still negative then make an appointment to see your doctor thts all you can do so u no for sure.
          hope ur ok keep us posted xx


            hey there try not to stress soo much coz that could be delaying ur period which in turn r givin u those symptoms, if u dont get ur period in a few more days then re take the preg test and u wil have a nore accurate reading


              I am kind of in the same boat… me and my boyfriend had sex for th first time like three weeks ago… We used a condom but we also played around…. I am now a week late. I took a pregnancy test a week ago on a dare and it was negative… what do i do?


                Taking a hpt is not as accurate as going to your doctor and getting a blood test done. I would advise that you go have one done. They are the most accurate and your levels of pregnancy hormone in your blood will increase every day of pregnancy. If you’re a week late there shouldn’t be a problem having it picked up on the test.

                As for the both of you, without judgement, may I also recommend that if you are scared about being pregnant, still in school, not married, and do not feel like you are ready to be a mother, then you should not be engaging in sex with your boyfriends. Whether protected or unprotected, you could become pregnant.

                All these young ladies who have responded to you have given you a correct short term advice. Additionally however, if you are not pregnant, I am going to give you a realistic long term solution. Abstain from having sex until you are in a committed marriage where a pregnancy would be more likely welcomed and supported. It is part of the marital bond, to procreate.

                Your fears of being pregnant are not by accident. Your concsience is telling you that something is not right about what has happened. It could also be affecting your system, therefore your late for your period to start. Relieve yourself of wondering and get the blood test done, and then go from there. Let us know how we can help you if you are pregnant, but please don’t resort to abortion if it’s positive. We can help guide you at that point.

                If it’s negative, then you can make a change in your life immediately at that point and stop having sex. You may not have gotten pregnant this time, but it’s only a matter of time before you will.

                God bless,


                  take another one or better still, take a blood test and u will know for sure


                    take a HPT in the next 3 days if your still worried if its again negative then make an appointment to see your doctor thats all you can do to be sure tha u rnt pregnant!

                    as for the person above – Never do something so serious on a dare!! if you r pregnant then this is a childs life we are talkin about so dont do dares on a life.
                    its possible tha u cud be pregnant if u are a week late 4 ur period .. wait another few days take a HPT or make and appointment to see your doctor

                    both of u keep us posted 🙂 good luck xx


                      So, my period did eventually come. I think I might have miscarried tho…I was two weeks late and when it came it was clumpier than normal. I feel very empty and alone. I am very lucky that my boyfriend is very supportive.

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