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      hiya can any one help coz im really confused! im on injection but bled 3 month ago, ive been havin all the pregnancy symptoms but ant thrown up yet, my belly has grown n gone really hard, but i did a test n it came bk negative! please help! wat do you think????


          hiya thanx 4 dat. yea its kinda like a movement, really weird! xxbeckyxx


              if your on the shot you won’t have your period…..didn’t theu tell u that?….and the shot makes you gain weight because it makes you crave food……so if you really thing your pregnant GO TO THE DOCTOR……


                yea they told me i wouldn’t have a period but its unusual 2 bleed if u have only been on it 4 a while. plus i dont eat much n my belly has only grown from the bottom to a bit over my belly button anywayz thanx 4 da advice, can i ask how far along are u? 😛 xxx becky xxx

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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