really confused :S

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      :huh: here is my story… on the 28th of december i did 2 pregnancy tests and they both came back positive ut faint. so the day after i did a didital clear blue one and it said i was 3/4 weeks pregnant. so i got it into my head i was pregnant and was happy. then on the 31st of december i did another test just to make sure and that came up positive aswell. then on the monday after that 3rd of january, i had sex with my bf and after that i started bleedin 🙁 i went to my doctors the day after and he has booked me in for a scan next week, i bled for 3 days, only light, and did another test last night and this morning and they both said negative. so now i should be just over 5 weeks pregnant but now its saying im not. whats happening? help me xx


        that just happened recently to me. not exactly but close. when i went in for the bleeding they told me that id lost the baby. i hope this is not the case for you. wishing you lots of luck!


          hei girl!

          im sorry.

          lie i told you yesterday i think you had a chemical pregnancy. that is when you find out youre pregnant even before your period is late, and your digitsl one saying you were 3/4 weeks, i asume thats the case.

          and then miscarry just around the time your period is due (1 / 2 weeks later)

          im sorry!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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