really confused.

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      so i had sex around feb 25. then i got my period on the 10th of march.
      i have not had sex since the 25 of feb.
      now i am late. my period was supposed to have come on the 7th of april.
      and i had really light brown/tan discharge on the 6th of april. but now i’m totally clean down there. nothing.
      could i be pregnant?

      like is it at all possible?
      i was thinking that the sperm could have traveled up to my tubes to find the egg and on there way down to my uterus, i had my period. [cuz they didn’t implant yet] and then after my period they implanted…could that work????

      let my know please.


        i dont think so coz in order for an egg to be released u will need to ovulate and the , and if im not mistaken u wer already ovulating wen u had sex (coz it occurs about 2weeks b4 ur period if u hav a 28day cycle) but u then had ur period and ur body wud not have released another egg yet n sperm only survrvies in the female body for bout 5days so i dont think u cud b preg….


          Hi there,
          It Doesn’t sound likely… Have you been skipping yr b/c pill or started a new medication or started exercising more often than usual or started a new diet or even been under alot more stress than usual?
          There are so many things that can cause yr period to be late. If yr really concerned, take a test and put yrself at ease.


            Um, no, that could not have happened. Though it is always possible that you are pregnant and it might not have been a “real” period in March. What you should do is go to the store and get a Home Pregnancy Test, and take it first thing in the morning. If you are still worried after that, you could go get a blood test done to find out for sure. Let us know when you find out the results, ok?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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