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    proud mama

      im a 23yr old mother of two my son will be 3 in july and i just had my daughter 3 months ago. i love and enjoy being a mom it comes so natural to me. two nights ago i found out that im pregnant again. i almost immediately went to my doctor to confirm it was the 3rd pregnancy test to come out postive.and im dazed and confused and also consedering an abortion. something i thought i would never do until now. and still dont know for sure. i’ve been looking for insight and spiritual guiadance. having kids is hard but also to me the greastest thing a women can do. there are women who cant have children and i feel blessed to be one that can. im with there father even though were not married. and alot nof the times our releationship is on the rocks. but he is always there. i just dont know what to do and basically im scared…….. any thoughts or stories to share? thanx


        You sound like a great mum who loves her kids. Don’t get an abortion – it’ll be something you’ll regret for the rest of your life. I know that you’re scared, but have faith in God, He’s blessed you with three children that you love and who love you back and athough it seems difficult from where youre standing right now, He will help you, He won’t leave you to do this by yourself – just beleive that He can and He will. Think of all the good times that you’ll have together in the future. Remember, when you make love, you, your partner and God become one body and in this way a new life is created in Gods image. Take time to look at the situation and look at all the good things in your life. I’ve got a young family of my own, and as you know, its the best thing in the world. This tiny baby in your womb is trusting you to love her, not to kill her. Cherish this chance to have another child and when you’re a Great Grandmother in many years time, you’ll look back on your life and be so so glad that you decided to keep your childen.
        Pray to God and I promise that he will answer.
        God bless


          I think this is a very hard situation to be placed in and I wish you luck. I can’t imagine having a three month old and finding out I am pregnant again. It will be very hard and very rought and I will not venture out to say that having an abortion is horrendous and you will regret it because I do not know you or fully in depth know your situation.
          I do know fear. I think you should speak to as many open minded people as possible in order to get an unbiased view. I unlike many others will not readily tell you not to have an abortion but I think you should really consider the reprecussions of any decision you may make, that will affect you, your spouse and your children.
          I will pray for you and your family and hope you are able to seek guidance in this time of need.

          proud mama

            Bennny, thank u sooo much for ur insight u said a lot of truthful things. i had my sonogram yesterday to set up the appt for the
            abortion even though im still not sure i wil go through with it. i found out that im 6 weeks along and the due date will be on
            christmas day. i broke down so much apart of me believes i wont go through with it but then i have so many fears in the back of
            my mind. i do hate myself for being foolish and not using protection knowing i just had my daughter then i wouldnt have to be makin
            a decision that will affect me either way. thank u again though i need to start trusting in God more than i do and know where he guides he will provide. bless u always


              I believe children are a gift from God.Please choose life for your gift from God. A voice for the unborn too say CHOOSE LIFE.Roddi:


                Dear Proud mama,

                I know that you’re scared and confused right now and I appreciate what you’re going through because I’ve been in a similar situation myself, but one thing that I have learnt from my experience is this: The hardest decisions to make, the decisions where there’s something inside of you telling you what the right thing to do is, even though you don’t want to hear it, or are scared to accept it, because you don’t want to be in that situation, are the decisions that can bring you the greatest happiness if you listen to that something inside of you and go with what you know deep down is right, or the greatest sadness if you choose to ignore it.

                This is one of those decisions. You’re in a situation that you don’t want to be in, but you need to make that choice. As you said, a part of you believes that you won’t go through with an abortion, that’s the bit inside of you telling you NOT to get an abortion. I know that you have fears of what will happen if you have the baby, but I promise you that if you keep the baby, those fears will soon disappear, and as time goes on and you watch your baby grow up, you’ll be so glad that you listened to that bit inside of you.
                And what a Christmas present that would be!
                Don’t hate yourself for not using protection – you’re human, but please have faith in God. He’s there with you right now and always will be. If you make that right decision and keep your baby, you know God will be there for you, He will see you through all the things that seem impossible right now and give you a big smile at the end of it!

                God bless you


                  well your story is a little bit like mine im almost 12 wks preg now but this is my 7th baby n my youngest is only 7 mo now i wasnt sure what to do it took alot out of me to decide but as you can tell i dec to keep the baby i guess its the way god wanted us to have these babys for some reason or another im married n my realonship is crazy all the time but we will get through it n i think you will to but what ever you decide good luck on your choices

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