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      Hi I think I might be preggers but not so sure i took a test when i was four days over due, and the line was faint two lines where there but the second one faint! Its wierd as i’m still having some signs of pmt. i’m now 6 day’s over due thought i’d wait tell saturday and get another preggy test and do it again my breasts are sore and sensitive to touch *sp* i’m 36 so an older woman just want to know if the pmt systems are common in older pregnancy or not? sometimes i think i’m pregnant and sometimes i think i’m not… the waiting is killing us… once i find out on saturday then i can go to the doc’s and get it confirmed, etc but just wanted to know if the pmt’s systems are common… thanks in advance feee1 🙂


        I’m only 28, and this is my first pregnancy so I can’t speak too much out of experience. Usually if there are two lines, even if one is faint I think it indicates a positive test. Hopefully the test today will help clear things up. If not you could see your doctor, or call to ask about whether symptoms can be different for cycles and/or pregnancy past 35 years old. Good luck.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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