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      First, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Courtney and I’m 17 years old. I recently had unprotected sex on June 8th, I was at the most fertile point, I could be, the day before ovulation. I don’t really remember if he pulled out or anything. He did, but I just have a feeling that he didn’t make it out in time for some not to have stayed inside of me. Well, a few days after conception, I started feeling really tired all day long, I started becoming really moody, everything just made me so mad, no matter what it was, and I started eating more and more, and all.

      I sleep for like 12 hours or longer a day. I’m normally awake and all by 9 or 10. But not now, I don’t wake up till like 12 or so. Then go back to sleep at 2 and wake up at 5. I’m usually really energetic, but not now.

      Well, last night and today I was complaining about my side bothering me. So today, I took a pg. test, it came up negative. But I still feel like I am. I’m still tired and everything. I’ve been urinating alot here lately too.

      I may have taken the test too early, because my period isn’t due till the 26th of this month. I don’t know what to do.. Could someone please help me??

      Thank you!!


        I thin you may have tested too early; however, you my just be stressing out. If your period does not start then take another test. Also remember that your cycle changes throughout the year.


          Hi Courtney- I would encourage you to try a pregnancy test again at the end of June- assuming your period skips. If it doesn’t, you have nothing to worry about. While you were experiencing pregnancy symptoms, most women wouldn’t experience them a few days after conception- another thing you wouldn’t know happened. Conception happens usually about 6-10 days after the egg is fertilized, and there are so many factors that it would be impossible for you to pinpoint that date. Hope this helps and good luck!


            Hey .. if your period hasnt cum yet im sure you know it could be stress related and now you are probably even more stressed worrying about whether you are pregnant or not.. wait a week and take another test .. there are false negatives alot so make sure you follow up and take another test .. if that says positive then make sure you go to a doctor ASAP cuz there test have the final say and you’ll know for sure.. good luck sweetie


              you may have tested too early, try again


                Hi Courtney
                I had a friend that thought she was pregnant and she took about * home tests and all but the first one came up negative. Even the Docs came up negative and she is now 6 months pregnant. Don’t stress over it.You might endup just completely scaring your self and stressing yourself out. But the best advice is wait and test if you don’t have your period.


                  Hi! This is Courtney(the one who started this post). Well, I got my period 5 days early, it wasn’t normal though. It was light. Way to light, I could literally leave a tampon in for longer then 6 hours or so, and nothing would be on it, except for alittle bit. I took a test, the day I got it, but it came back neg. I’m still sleepy all the time, my back is hurting now, headaches, and everything. It may just be in my head still. But I dunno. Help again..

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