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      So i was wonder if anybody had used any of these and if they think that it actually did anything for them. I tried castor oil when i was pregnant with my daughter, and well its absolutely DISGUSTING and gave me really painful braxton hicks…if i was close to my due date i think i would have gone into labour.
      I was thinking about drinking raspberry leaf tea or taking the tablets…just wanting to find out other peoples experiences with things which can help your body prepare for labour or bring it on…


        u dont wanna bring it on yet darlz. I havent tried any. Have heard castor oil works but is yuk and not good.
        Raspberry leaf tea, was going to try that but the main thing is it prepares the body for labour. Dunno if it works but prob varies from person to person


          No i dont want her out yet, i was just asking for future reference, trying to sort out fact from fiction. There is a whole bunch of old wives tales surrounding this stuff. I just wanted to know what has worked for people.


            When you want to push yourself into labor I’ve heard from a lot of veteran moms that doing things such as moving heavy furniture around or even having sex.
            My doctor says that sperm has some kind of chemical or vitamin in it that helps thin out the cervix.
            I’ve also heard one woman say that playing video games helped push her into labor because they made her tense her body up which caused contractions. lol. Yes, weird, but so are most of the things you hear about during pregnancy :p


              ive never had a baby so i dont know personally but my best friend tried literally every remedy she could find. she drank 100mls of castor oil which just gave her cramp and diorea, she tried inserting evening primrose tablets, eating curry, raspberry tea leaf, accupuncture… the list goes on but she didnt achieve anything by it. she was induced twice and still nothing. her body was obviously just waiting for natural labour which came at 10 months 🙁


                It’s true that your body, along with the baby’s just "knows" when it’s time to be born. The hormone levels change in the uterus which sends signals to the rest of your body to get ready for the big day.

                A friend of mine has tied the Castor Oil and it did bring on labor for her. It also "cleaned her out". :blush:

                These things work on some people because it artificially stimulates your womb to contract, like the Braxton Hicks, mentioned earlier. It’s cramping and cramping, which not only helps to push out a baby, but it also pushes everything else out. :blink:

                If you’re not ready, you’re just not ready.

                princess Angela

                  My friend took these blackmores tablets to help prepare her body for labour… ill find out what they were because they worked for her….. she only had stitches on the inside of her vagina other then that she had a really good labour an was only in it for 2 hours


                    I have tried castor oil, rasperry leaf tea, evening primrose oil tablets, birth sprays. The castor oil is absolutely disgusting and tasted like i was drinking vaseline (it started labour 2 days before my due date with my first, got to 3 cms dilated and then it stopped), i drank the tea for 4 weeks before my due date under the advice of my midwife and used the birth spray for the 2 weeks leading up to my due date with my second, and i used evening primrose oil tablets with both. My experiences lead me to believe that the castor oil will only work if your baby is ready and it will make you sit on the toilet for hours, the tea tastes pretty awful and doesnt really do anything, neither does the birth spray (and it pretty costly). The only thing I thought was beneficial was the evening primrose, but they are not for the purpose of inducing labour, but more to quicken it up once it gets going. My second daughter was born in 45 mins (from the first contraction until she was out, contractions started at 2 mins apart and within 15 mins i was at the hospital and 4 – 5 cms). The best thing I have heard of is good old fashioned sex. The prostaglandins is men’s sperm helps to get labour going, but once again (as with everything) it only works if your body and baby are ready. Hope this helps.

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