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      Hello again all,
      I heard something in my last class today that absolutely made me sick. A group of kids behind me were talking about teen pregnancy, and almost all of them said that, if they got pregnant they would just have an abortion because ‘it’d be too hard and you wouldn’t have a life if you had a baby’. The guys in the little huddle freaked out at the mere mention of the possibility of having any kind of tie to their current girlfriend. Being on this site and reading the stories, seeing what everyone goes through, and how many of us struggle but manage to over come the odds, this disgusts me to my very core. They say it so callously, as if an abortion isn’t a big deal. I challenge anyone to find a girl on this website who does not regret her decision to abort. It’s impossible, because it’s a big deal. If you don’t want the baby, or think you can’t handle it or support it, suck it up and carry out the pregnancy and find a couple willing to take the baby. There are so many women out there with fertility problems who would love to have a baby, but cannot concieve and/or carry one. It is completely selfish to deprive a helpless baby of their life out of fear, or whatever reason it is that these girls are using to justify the decision. It almost makes me wish they DO get pregnant, just so they can experience what it’s like to know you have your own flesh and blood child growing within you, depending on you and trying to make that decision. I just can’t understand it, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

      – Megan.


        I do agree with you on some points. However, I have a problem with this If you don’t want the baby, or think you can’t handle it or support it, suck it up and carry out the pregnancy and find a couple willing to take the baby”

        Let me ask you something, Have you ever been pregnant? and have you ever given a child up for adoption?

        I have and until you walk in those shoes you have no idea what you are talking about. You wouldn’t know that though because you have never had to face it. A pregnancy is HARD on you physically and emotionally. Being pregnant changes everything about you. It takes someone REALLY strong to go through a pregnancy and place their child up for adoption.

        And what happens when we take abortion away as an option? Think about the emotional state you are in when you are pregnant. What it feels like to carry and grow your child. Spend hours in labor and then just hand the baby to someone else. The problem is, we as women are genetically wired to be mothers. When you have a baby, you release a hormone that helps you transition into mother hood. A lot of women have the baby and decide not to give it up because its to hard and she feels like she can raise the baby.

        Yes, abortion is wrong.

        That is just me though.


          YES, I have been pregnant before. And I lost my baby. A baby I wanted to keep. So this is a very touchy subject for me, to hear girls talking about abortion so carelessly.

          I never said it was impossible to not regret an abortion, I’m saying it’s impossible to find a girl on this website specifically who felt they made the right choice and did not regret aborting their baby.

          I’m not against having abortion as an option at all.

          It wasn’t that they said thy’d abort, it’s that they are making the decision before they are faced with the actual situation, the real-life version. They aren’t really taking time to think about it, and that’s what disgusts me. Even if it’s hypothetical, it’s still a baby.

          I am pro-choice only because, although abortion for me personally is not something I would ever do, I believe in people making decisions for themselves, for better or worse. But those decisions should be educated ones. Not just because you want a social life.


            Abortion is NEVER the right or the only “choice”…you were very strong Meghan for giving up your child. It does take a lot of strength to do that but I would consider it better for that mother to change her mind upon birth than to kill her baby. My mother was an addict and I was raised by my Grandparents…however, my two sisters grew up with my mother for most of their life. I know no matter what our situations were when we were kids, we are all glad our mother chose not to kill us. We each had our difficulties but we had OUR opportunity to overcome them, and we did. Now think of all those babies that have been murdered that have not had that “choice”



              This study provides some very scary and real data.

              The ratio for teens aged 15-19 is even more shocking. For every 100 babies born to Ontario teens, 152 are aborted. The study noted that teens “were by far the most likely of any age group to have an abortion rather than a live birth.” And since it excluded abortions for girls under 15, the teen abortion rate is even higher.

              That’s scary.

              Not only that there are stories about babies born at 22-23 weeks of pregnancy that have lived and are now living life the the fullest. So if you can still get an abortion that far a long but yet a baby that old has a chance to live isn’t that a bit scary? I’m just thinking about how many of those girls chose to make the choice late into pregnancy… Those babies could have all made it with the right medical care. If anything I think the legal time to abort a baby should be dropped to 16-18 weeks gestation.


                I hear this at times too and it makes me so mad. I do believe that abortion is wrong because it is taking an innocent human being’s life. But I know how you feel. People talk about it so carelessly; I even overheard a couple once who were on there way to have an abortion and they were joking about it and about pregnancy in general. I felt awful. I’ve never been pregnant but I have helped to raise my younger brothers and sisters, and I hope to raise a family of my own someday (when I meet the right guy). I’ve heard of lots of girls who do regret their abortion. Abortion is not the answer to the problem; it just creates a new one.


                  Crikey, the abortion law in New Zealand is up to 12 weeks. Thats scarry that you can get an abortion past 20 weeks. When you think about it thats half way through the pregnancy.
                  I think you’ll find they may say they’d get an abortion now. But if they were to get pregnant and were to face that choice. I don’t believe they would make it just like that.
                  I think adoption is a very hard thing for a woman to go through, as you bond with that baby when they’re in the womb. Then to just hand him/her over I can’t imagine ever having the strength to do that.
                  I think some girls go through with abortion because they think it’ll be easier than to face their parents. Having got pregnant at the tender age of 20, telling my parents was a very daunting task. I can’t imagine having to deal with that at 15.


                    It is very hard to deal with. It’s scary because there is the boy’s parents as well, and at times step parents. You can be telling up to 8 people depending on the particular family.

                    I do not believe in abortion. I wish that 12 week law applied here in Canada. 🙁

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