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      Im 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow and i have decided to keep my baby. As im only seventeen and still at sixthform ill need to keep the pregnancy underwraps for as long as possible. I need some advice on:

      1. How to hide my baby bump?

      2. How to get out of drinking without looking suspious?

      3. How to get out of sports, eg. ice skating?

      4. Any other helpful tips for keeping a pregnancy secret?

      Many thanks, love Amy xx


        I have just one question, why are you wanting to keep it a secret?

        You may not show for a bit, but to hide the bump, baggy shirts, or thoes pretty little tops that kinda drop from the bust (if you know what i mean? they tend to make you look skinnier too :p)

        with drinking, just drink coke, they dont need to know theres nothing else in there :p or grab a bottle from home (like a cruiser or something), fill it with similar coloured softdrink, no one will ever know :p

        no idea about the sports thing, you can say your not felling well for a couple of times, but that may get a little suspect….

        Also nausea is a bit of a give away, so try and eat small meals regulally so that you may not feel as sicky, and try and have a protein snack before bed.

        another thing is doctors checkups and preggy vitamins. Your bed to have the correct vitamins, but you can just take the lable off the bottle and say they are a normal multivitamin. Depending on where abouts you are, there are free clinics that will give you checkups without telling anyone, else bulkbilling doctors or similar.

        Hope that helps a bit.



          well you probably wont show for at least 3 months when the uterus gets big enough to pop out a big and even then baggy clothes should hide it, everybody is individual

          with the drinks i agree with merla, but if its champers or something you could drink sparkling apple juice. looks the same.

          with the sports thing…thats going to be harder. You could put a bandage on and say you hurt your ankle that will keep you out for a bit. Have a quiet word with ur coach and they will be able to say what is safe to do and what isnt.

          Good luck beating away any nausea that one can be tricky. There is only so many times ppl will see you running in the direction of the bathroom before they get sus.

          Again what merla said, pregnancy vitamins a good idea and so are check-ups.

          When are you due? Im pregnant again due june 25th i figure we must be close!


            Im not hiding my pregnancy after 12 weeks. Just want to get past the early stage. My close family and friends know. So do the doctors. For the babys sake i need to finish my education but the school does know just not my college friends. Thanksx x

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