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      I’m not sure if I’m freaking out, but me and my boyfriend haven’t been having protected sex this last couple weeks or so. The last time was the 7th that he “came” inside of me, and quite a few times before that. I took a test recently, knowing it was to soon. I haven’t really had any symptoms besides feeling sick off and on the last couple days. I just need to no what to look for in symptoms, and when I should take the test, since my period is supposed to start the 17 or 20th.


        I’m curious..Why weren’t you using protection?


          being dumb i guess


            Katelyn, I hope I didn’t offend you. I was just curious.:unsure:


              I didn’t feel offended I was just saying lol. But if you could help me with those questions that would be awesome 🙂


                I’m not the best person to respond to your questions. I’ve never been pregnant but would have liked the chance, but it’s too late now. Keep us posted about your situation. Best of luck to you! 🙂


                  hi hun,
                  how old are you by the way?
                  im 18, and 7 months pregnant.Ive had every symptom possible.I experienced nausea at first then I had severe vomiting…I had to be put on medication because of it. The smell of cigarette smoke would even get me vomiting. Any smell that was strong…even the smell of perfume.

                  -missed period
                  -breaking out

                  thats what I had at first… then when I wa about 5 months preggy….

                  – cramping
                  – eating more
                  – more discharge

                  6 months preggy…

                  – weight gain
                  – started to show


                    well, when i got pregnant me and my boyfriend had only been dating about 2 weeks (after we broke up for a month) and we were being "stupid" too…i got pregnant in just that short amount of time, so it could be possible…if i were you, i’d just try to keep tabs on how your feeling and everything, but don’t stress out…i know it’s hard to wait to find out, but it’s got to be done…good luck with everything

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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