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      hey everyone…has anyone felt "ugly" and "fat" during their pregnancy? i just feel awful lately and have started feeling really dizzy and lightheaded. I’m 3 months along and I thought i should be feeling better and I keep feeling worse…morning sickness is now all day and I’m still exhausted! just wondering if anyone has experience or knows some remedies (especially for heartburn!) all advice would be apppreciated!


        girl i know what your saying…. but most girls it doesnt get better throughout your pregnancy im 5 months and i get dizzy and lightheaded all the time and sometimes i feel like crap… i even passed out while i was at work


          Hey dont worry ,sometimes I feel exactly like you .Dont feel ugly and fat ,remember is alll because of your pregnancy.Symptoms are supossed to last until 3 months in most cases but not on all cause im feeling dizzy and nauseous too and im almost 4 months.When i get sick I drink a club soda,believe it works for me alot!For morning sickness they recommend crackers(those withot flavor), eat them early on the morning.Avoid salty or saucy foods.I hope you feel better soon.Good Luck!


            Ummm for the feeling dizzy, i would gt some iron and folate tablets.When i was pregnant with Skye i was fainting all the time after standing up for so long, thy put me on those tablets and i felt heaps better.

            Morning sickness should slow down soon. Just try and eat small meals, have some dry biscuits too that helps.When you get up in the morning dont jump up out of bed, take your time!


              just to repeat like everything the others have said……
              1) b4 u go to bed try to eat something, it may help you not get sick in the am,
              2) and have like saltine crackers by your bed where you only have to move your arm (movement will only make you sick)
              3) try going to Motherhood Maternity, they have these things called Preggie Pops and my friend has tried them and said they helped her
              4) for heartburn try tums, also remember to ask your doc first
              5) don’t eat 3 big meals a day like normal ppl, eat many little meals throughout the day, this will also healp with gettting sick (ur doc should have told you this, because it’s getting low blood sugar that makes you sick, so eatting frequently should help the sickness………..
              i hope some of this helps you, and if it does can you let me know, just so i know….thanx….


                im 17 years old i am 32 weeks and 5 days today for me it didnt get beter,i still get morning sickness.the best thing for that is saltines.and flat pop.
                heartburn take rolaids completely safe…also heartburn means that the baby will have lots of hair…so im told :sick:


                  make sure you drink plenty of water because when i was feeling dizzy a lot my doctor said that i could be dehydration. 8 glasses a day! good luck. by the way my son is due in 16 days!! i cant wait!


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