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      Hi guys,
      I have a couple questions. Last month right before I got a light period I was having some pregnancy symptoms, like sore/tender breasts and nipples, tiredness, irriatability, and weight gain. When I got a light period I just dismissed the fact of being pregnant, but lately I have been gaining weight, my stomache has become hard, I have just sensitive nipples that I can’t touch them without feeling pain, my breasts are growing, I am tired a lot, but can’t sleep, sometimes I wake up with a sore throat (a lot lately actually) and other cold like symptoms, and I have mood swings. Could I be pregnant? Is there another reason my breasts would be so sore? Has anyone else had this happen to them?


        You dont say how old you are, but if you are very young then your breasts could be sore because they are growing. Weight change really isnt that great of an indicator, because most women only gain 3-5 pounds the first trimester. Mood swings can be caused by many things as well as you being tired all the time. Low iron is one that comes to mind. But if you think you may be pregnant, take a test. Thats really the one sure fire way to know if you are in fact pregnant. Good luck.




          im chloe and im 15 yrs old
          im in the same situation as u only im know that im 3 months pregnant with twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          try taking a preg test and see how that works out
          i wished for wot i wonted (to be pregnant)
          me and my bf have only had sex once and here i am will a huge belly
          i have all the symtoms as u and im pregnant so u might just be
          keep me posted


            I am seventeen almost eighteen years old. I hope it’s not due to my breasts growing, because my breasts are already size DD. Pulls on my back enought. :S


              The hard stomach along with all of your other symptoms I think is a sure sign of pregnancy…u should really get a pregnancy test, like soon!!

              Tabitha wrote:

              I am seventeen almost eighteen years old. I hope it’s not due to my breasts growing, because my breasts are already size DD. Pulls on my back enought. :S


                If you had an unusually light period last month that only lasted a couple of days it very well could have been implantation bleeding. When is your period due this month? Or have you already missed this months period? I would take one thing at a time, take a home pregnancy test to find out if your pregnant. If it is negative and your period is still late take another test on the first day of your missed period. If it is positive then you need to see a doctor to find out how far along you are and to figure out what you want to do. If you are not pregnant I would still go to the doctors just to make sure nothing major is wrong with your health.


                  i believe that im pregnant because i had unprotected sex with my b/f on the day that i was most fertile and he used the withdrawl method he said that he didnt nut i believe that he did because when he got up there was a white wet substance and i know it wasnt from me. lately ive been having a light period that only last for 3days, 4days max,and its usually last for 7 days and its really stomach is getting bigger cause if i was gaing weight it would go to my face ,butt,and thigh, my nipples are more erect, eating more, tired, moody, veins in breast noticable and getting bigger.i get nauseos we i dont eat in a certain amount. 🙁

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