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      I have a question I am on ortho Lo. And I messed up my pills one month second week I think it was. n-e ways the doctor told me just to start a new pack. So I did but at the time for my period I was 5 days late and what I thought to be my period was only spotting for 2 days. I continued my pills like told but now I am on my next pack and I have all the signs of pregnancy I am just not sure if I could be. And right nowI don’t havea doctor to go to because we just moved. What do you think?



        I have been on BC pills since i was fifteen years old because of health problems, and i ALWAYS mess up my pills (NOT a good thing on my part). anyhow, i was just wondering how you messed it up? i just forget to take it one day, so my doctor says just to take two that day (in which case i take one in the morning, one at night-my normal time). But, my sister (she has also been on it Forever b/c of health) when she misses, her doctor says take two at your normal time. I don’t know if this helps you because i don’t know how you messed them up. Just let us know what you did, i have asked my doc probably everything that possibly could go wrong.

        ALSO, i suggest taking a pregnancy test or stop taking them so if you are pregnant so you don’t hurt the baby and find a doctor.

        Hope i helped,



          Me again sorry not quite clear on what happened,

          I messed up by forgetting my pills on a weekend getaway. It was more than just 2 pills it was three or four. But I amkind of afraid to take the test if you know what I mean. My husband and I desided not to have any more kids. Am just not to sure what I should do.


            hi, it is me pam, again.

            i never missed three or four, so i wouldn’t know what to do.

            anyways, i would either take a home pregnacy test or call the doctor for a test to be on the safe side. You want to make sure, even if you aren’t planning this one.

            i hope it is the outcome you would like.

            keep me updated! 🙂

            Pam B)


              ChantiStar I would just like to tell you that this is not just for people with bigger issuesit is for all issues and my problem is not that I just forgot to takemy pills it is that my mother in law was taken to the hospitalfroma heartattach, not that that is your business, But I was in a little of a hurry to drive four hours to go be with her and didn’t take anything with me but my kids. And I am not an anti life person. I have pre cancer cells in mt uterous so it is not safe for me to have children right nowandI can’t get a tubble because I am alleric to anstesia. and beleave me if it were not for my medical problem I would have another child. And that is why I want to find out if anyone else has been through what I have been through cause I just don’t know. And by the way I have four beautiful children and I also havehad other pregnancies that I could not carry so don’t tell me about my precious pills because these are what is keeping me from something more serious. I am glad for them. I just wish some of the young girls in here who are having sex would invest in some.

              But thanks for your insight, very amusing.

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