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      hey everyone. well i’m just coming off birth control. i had my last period april 11th. i wasn’t sure if it was normal to be this long until i got another one. i end up with pains in my lower abdoman, and i’m tired all the time. however i haven’t experianced breast tenderness, or actual vomiting. although i haven’t had the same appetite as always, and my digestion doesnt seem to be the same. do you think there’s any possibilities? thanks a ton, i appreciate your input 🙂


        if you had your last period on april 11 you should have gotten it by now. it doesn’t matter is you’ve just come off the pill. you would be about 2 months pregnant, if you are. But i don’t really know that much about the pill so maybe it can cause a delay. when i went off the pill i got my period within two weeks! try taking a pregnancy test. let me know what happens!


          arite, thanks for the input. i havent even really left my house in a few weeks other than school and errands, so i really havent had the chance to go and get a test. i wish a few more people would post something =P just so i feel like i know what other people think about what’s going on. i just dont want the wasted trip, and dissapointment if i can avoid it.


            hey im havin the same prob u are . ihavent had a reg period since april like 2 days after i had sex with my bf may i had 2 periods but they were just spottin i tooka hpt and it was neg. but imstill wonderin if i am cuz ive been very tired had back aches nausea but not vomiting and cramps like im gonna start but i never cramp if i were u id go to the dr and get tested again like im gonna do e-mailme and let me kno wat u find out


              I think that you sshould make a trip to your local drug store to get a test; however it may be your hormones going through changes but to be on the safe side get a test and make a dr. apt to see why your period is abnormal.


                Well, I have had many symptoms of pregnancy. I have had increased appetite, nasuea and vomitting, enhanced sense of smell, food cravings: like orange juice, and grapefruit. I started eating Pizza and ice cream and marshmallows and green beans several weeks ago, bloating, and headaches. However, I have had my period and still on it since Monday. I don’t know if it’s PMS or what? My breast has also been hurting and sensitive? Any one know what I should do? Could it be possible that I am still pregnant but still have a regular period?

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