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      Young mum 2 be

        Hey hun,
        i hope u do have a baby when ur ready. Well i was 17 wen i fell pregnant i was wif my bf at the time had been for 2 years when i was 12 weeks pregnant he broke up wif me but still was in the picture gave me money to get our baby stuff. Well now i have a beautiful baby girl (Kyra) she was born 12 august 2007 weighing a big 9 pound 7 oz i had a bad labour than had a c-section i turned 18 in October 23rd well i got back with her dad 22nd october an we aint tellin anyone really as my parents dislike him an the same wif his parents but they have changed towards me they r nice to me now. Anyways i wouldnt change anything i love my daughter to death she is my world but sum times its hard wen u wouldnt mind going out but u cant cus u have bubba an sleepless nights at 1st well she sleeps between 7-12 hrs at night now which is gr8. well good luck

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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