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      hi everybody I’m new to the site. I really feel ridiculous to ask a bunch of strangers but I wanted to hear from everyone their expierences,
      So I’m engaged to my bf of 4 yrs now and of course we had sex the night of the proposal (12-25) well my period was 12-21 to 12-27. okay so now we are looking for houses and I just got offered a new job and I’m planning a wedding and I’;m also studying for a BIG test for my new job and I’ve started excersing. So yeah I’m kinda stressed but I truly don’t or haven’t felt any more stressed than normal ( i usually worry about EVERYTHING)
      So anyways I still haven’t gotten my period yet it usually runs from last day to first day about 19 days apart. so i took a test and it was neg. so now I just wanted to ask who all has been in similar situation and not been pregnant like the test…. or took the test and it was neg and you were preg.

      Any comments greatly appreciated

      confused and worried :S

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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