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      I started coming here when I was pregnant with my daughter, who is now about to be three years old, and was a complete surprise. I had the pleasure of getting help from everyone here when I needed it the most, which is why I am here again. It is now three years later, and I love my daughter more than anything in the world, but I have been thinking about having a second child. I feel like this alarm went off inside of me and I want another baby! I have been thinking about it for a while, and I know it’s a huge responsibility, but I just want to have that little bundle of joy. But the problem is, my husband and I are going through a rough time right now is our marriage, and I don’t think the timing is good. We need to work on us, and all I can think about is having a child. I just need insight. I also graduate from college in a year, and I know I need to be responsible. Is it normal to have these feelings kick in? Or is there something wrong with me? Opinions needed please.. :unsure:


        Hey 🙂
        I totaly know where you are comming from! I had My first at 16 and have sence has two more. As they grow I sit here and think “maybe I want another” its a hanfull! I know My husband and I are in the same place. Life has been rocky to say the least. It’s SO hard with kids. You kind of have to put aside everything you want and worry about what’s best for them. If i could turn around I would wait for My youngest two honestly. I love them to death but I wish My husband and I had that time to work on us. Having more than one kid starts to make it a lot harder. And more stress on both of you which in no way helps with the relationship. My advice … Wait 🙂 see what he thinks about it. Pray A LOT … The last thing you want is to have a new baby and feel like your going to explode because you want a divorce. My son is 9 months and I’m in that spot.. I cry and get so mad at myself for putting my kids in a place where we are. I want out they need and want there dad. It’s so hard. If u have questions or want more details on My situation I would be glad to chat and share and maybe you can get somthing from it.. you can always email me even if u just need to vent 🙂 I totaly understand!


          i think you should work out yourselves yourselves first then there will twice as much love when the baby comes.don’t have the baby to shade off the problems between you and your husband,it will all come flooding after the baby is born.please work things between you and your husband.good luck



            I have 2 at the moment and wanted to have them close together, I wasn’t in a relationship when i got pregnant with my youngest daughter but I knew what I was doing and what I wanted.

            Life is to short, if you want something, go get it.

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