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      Age 22…..almost done with college…..happy for once in my life….then i get pregnant…miscarry…..slipped up and got pregnant again……miscarried and didnt even kno i miscarried…..found out that i got pregnany for the third time and this 1ne seems healthy so far. A long road ive traveled….and now im stuck…worrying if i can do it. My boyfriend is pushing for an abortion and im not trying to hear it, He says im not seeing his side…i say the same to him, This is such a hard time on me but i kno in my heart i want my baby. Ive read stories on girls that had abortions…..and i dnt wanna be depressed and suicidal…he says he cant see himself as a dad now….and i cant do this alone…so now i wonder if abortion is the right choice….


        Stand your ground and defend your side, he’ll come around eventually. To be honest, NO ONE is EVER ready to be a parent. There is no time, no age, no perfect place. Everyone just says hopefully when I’m settled. When is that? when you pay off your first house or when you graduate from college? or when you get ur first promotion. You are old enough to make life choices for you, you are alot more settled than many girls who have gotten pregnant and made it. What I believe you should do is to tell your bf how much this means and try to make him understand that after 2 miscarriages it is not in your benefit to be stressed out by him. Tell him that it will be alright and you will be there and that he’ll make a great father. Tell him how much he means to you and how much he means to his unborn child and reassure him in any other way you can think of. Guys can be very insecure, they are just like kids. They might seem tough and all, but if we weren’t there for them, they wouldn’t have lasted. Good luck and get LOTS of rest.


          [color=#008000][color=#008000]Dont let anyone tell you what to do. I was in a car accident last February and now I cant lift my left arm. i can only move my fingers and wrist. I have to get 2 surgeries to fix it and theres an 85% chance that the movement wont come back. On May 30th, I was scheduled to have my surgery. At this time, the chances of it coming back were 90%. I was waiting for the doctor and then he came in and told me that I couldnt get the surgery until after my baby was born. I was like, "WHAT BABY?!" and he told me i was pregnant. So if i aborted the baby, i could move my arm. I chose to keep my baby and now the surgery probably wont work. We’re going to TRY it when the babys born. So, I am 17, I cant use my left arm, I have no help other than my fiance who just lost his job, I dont talk to ANY of my old friends. I have one friend who stayed loyal to me, I’m 17 and hes 22 so he cant even sign the birth certificate till im 18 next october. I had people telling me to get an abortion so i can move my arm again but i would never kill my innocent child… even for my own arm.. I’m not telling you what to do. I’m just telling you that if i can do it, then you can do it and dont let ANYONE try to talk you out of being a mother. The first time you feel the baby kick, you will understand why you kept it.
          if you need anything, email me. Im not one to judge.



            Dear sister;
            Peace be with you!
            You need not be confused or conflicted. You are a mother! Yes, and your boyfriend a father. Be at peace because God who allowed your baby to be conceived will also provide for all of your needs, yours and the baby’s. God will bring people into your life who will assist you and give you the support you need to also help your boyfriend to make the loving choice and accept his child.
            IF you are strong, he will also be strong and will come to love you even more for your loving response. If you choose life, you will never have any regrets.

            You need to look in the phone book and look for the nearest pregnancy support centre near you, a right to life group, or crisis pregnancy centre. Help is just a call away.
            The choice for life will always bring more LIFE!! Your mourning will turn into joy!!
            I will pray for you…

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