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      so when i had sex he used the pull out method does anyone know the chances of me getting preg. im super nerves


        yip u cud still get preggo like that, some sperm is always already ejected into u b4 he pulls out


          Highly. That method does not work.


            The pullout method is very unreliable. It is TOTALLY possible, even probable, to get pregnant using the pull out method.
            I don’t know if you are married or not, but if you aren’t I would suggest that you stop having sex until you get married. It gives him something to work for and it keeps you from having any pregnancy scares. 😉


              you should have informed you before having sex.. (if you arent married/cant provide for the baby)

              but yes, it is possible, very actually.
              keep us posted


                My boyfriend pulled out… and now I’m on this forum, pregnant.


                  im nervous now as well since me n my bf have bin using this method lately..


                    i took a test yesterday it was negative im doing another one friday cuz i missed my period


                      Good, but if you happen to not be pregnant, please learn from this…


                        Keep us updated, ok?


                          i dont mean to sound rude but if you think that using no protection and just pulling out is enough than i think you really need to stop having sex and read a book on the birds and the bees or sumit coz that is really irresponsible and niave. youl get yourself into serious trouble not just pregnancy but STD’s too …


                            I would have to say that I agree with lilredheed on this one. You have got to use protection not only to not get pregnant but also to not catch a disease.


                              Yes, that or….try not having sex until you are in a solid monogamous relationship (preferably marriage) and ready to face the risks of pregnancy…..


                                I was using the pull out method it didn’t work for me. I mean now im 26 weeks prego.

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