Prenatal Care?

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      I just recently told my mother that I am pregnant (6months as of Sunday, June 4, 2006), and she wants to wait until we go on vacation to Korea (Thursday, June 8, 2006) to get prenatal care (my aunt is a doctor there).

      Do you think it is too late to get prenatal care?
      Do you think my baby is in danger of anything because I haven’t been getting prenatal care?


      I am just extremely worried now, because I am really looking forward to having my baby…

      Thank you to anyone who responds.

      God bless.


        I was like you. I was scared and nervous. I went into the doctor16 weeks..and my baby was fine. But i wouldnt do it like that. I would get prenatle help asap! Bc just bc u feel fine, doesnt mean you are. Good luck hun!


          Congratulations on your pregnancy! Prenatal care is important, but your baby is most likely just fine and hasn’t had any ill effects yet. I’m sure your aunt will take good care of you and the baby. – Kate


            It’s never too late to get prenatal care. Chances are that if you have taken good care of yourself, and haven’t done any drugs, drinking, or smoking, your baby should be just fine. I didn’t get any prenatal care with my first baby until I was about 13 weeks along, and my baby was just fine, in fact, he’s now a strapping two year old. So, don’t worry, just start getting prenatal care and keep on it and your baby will stay healthy and strong.

            Good luck on your new little bean,
            Michellle J.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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