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      i was just wondering how much prenatal care costed you?
      because i was looking at my insurace plan stuff and it says that the birth and newborn check ups are completly covered but prenatal care is not….

      and i know that you need lots of visits to the Doc when your preggo…so i was just wondering how much it all costs. exculding the delivery and new born checkups…oh and vitamins ..i can get thoes for free too! lol


        Well, so far I have been on Medicaid and it has all been completely free. The reason I was on that insurance was because I didnt have my insurance near by where I used to live. Since I just moved, I will now have to pay co-pays of $10 or $15 co-pay everytime I go to the doctors, which is pretty cheap. I got my prenatal vitamins from longs drugs and the doctor said they are just as good as the ones you get from the doctor. The vitamins were under $10 from longs drugs, which is also pretty cheap.

        I think that as long as you have good insurance then you will be fine. But you will need to get the baby indurance right when it is born. Unless you are on medcaid, then you and the baby for 6 months after the baby is born will have insurance for free and all your doctor visits will be free too.

        I hope I helped and I hope I didnt write it too confusing!! Write back if you dont understand something I wrote!



          I didnt pay a cent with my daughter and havent this time around either….living in Australia is good…lol B)


            well in new york, if your’re young and pregnant they sign you up for insurance. when i went to the hospital to confirm my pregnancy the nurse helped me set up my insurance plan. everythin is completely free for me and the baby . its great cuz you dont have to worry about co-pays and the cost of medication.

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