premature labor

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      i know this is odd, but i need someone to tell me what it generally feels like to go into labor. I have about 2 months to go so if i am in labor its premature.

      **TMI: on saturday i woke up at like 2 in the morning and there was a trickle of fluid coming out of me… it felt like i had no control to stop it either. and when i went back to sleep and woke up at 9-10 and moved around, it was still leaky a little bit and my sheets were definetly wet.**

      the night before that i had experienced moderate menstrual cramps.. where its uncomfortable to the point that you want to keep moving around but not where you are in actual pain.

      Nothing at all on sunday..

      And then today i was doing some pelvic tilts with my mom and when i layed down i felt a little more severe cramping. However it wasnt all over.. it kind of started on my right side, low, like right above my thigh and then it spread across to my left one.. and i cant really describe that feeling cause it was most definetly uncomfrotable and felt like a strong *zing* across.

      As i sit here now, on my left side i have that strange weird *zing* tingly feeling in my lower left back and right above my left thigh again.

      if anyone can help me understand if i should be worried i would greatly appreciate it!


        I haven’t experienced labor yet (I’m a due in February and am actually a bit nervous about that myself!) However I can give you information I have read and from what I have been told by friends that have had babies recently.

        What you are experiencing could be Braxton-Hicks contractions. Which as I understand it are contractions as the uterus stretches and prepares for labor. They can start several months before real labor contractions and should be much less intense.
        If you were leaking fluid though I don’t know if the amniotic membrane could have ruptured? If this is the case then there could be risk of infection.

        I would call your doctor and tell him or her the symptoms you are experiencing. If they think there is a problem then they should have you come in for an appointment. If everything is normal at least you will know and it won’t be such of a worry. Good luck!


          hey! well, i just had my baby saturday, sept. 10, and she was premature, i was 4 weeks early, due oct. 8. i kind of figured i would go into premature labor, though, because i lost my mucus plug a couple of weeks ago. and i had been having severe lower back pain. my baby was also ‘engaged’ the doc said for 2 months, and the wednesday before i had her, i was dilated 2 centimeters at my appointment. but about the weird leg feeling, and the back pain and fluid: ok, i went into labor on saturday and had my baby. thursday, i was leaking watery stuff really bad, actually i had been doing that the whole week, i went through a whole pack of pads. then, thursday night, i kept getting this pinching feeling in my lower back like something kept pinching me. it was aggravating but it didn’t hurt really. then that night, my lower stomach started hurting, i know this might sound gross, but it is only way i know to explain it, but it felt like i was sick and needed to go to the bathroom. friday morning, my back was hurting really bad, and then all friday afternoon, i felt like i was having menstrual cramps. they hurt just enough to aggravate me, it wasn’t excrutiating or anything. the next morning, which was saturday, i kept feeling like i was going to start a period almost. and my back was still hurting, and my legs, the top of my thighs where they connect to your hips kept going numb, and then they would get tingly like your feet do when they go to sleep or lose circulation. and then at 10:22 in the morning, i was on computer and i heard this noise that sounded like i barely left the faucet on, and at the same time as that, i felt something warm running all down my legs like i peed on myself, lol i had on a pad, so when i got up, the pad was soaked, but my pants weren’t even wet yet, so i thought maybe it was just that stuff leaking again. then i stood up to go get the phone and call my mom and water gushed out everywhere and just continued to trickle out and come out in small gushes until i actually had the baby. the pad i had on had a slight pinkish tint to it, kinda like if you put a drop of red koolaid into a bottle of water, that’s what the amniotic looked like at first. then after a little while, it was coming out everywhere with slimy stuff in it that looked like egg whites. lol i know, sounds really gross, huh? but i had back labor really bad, my baby didn’t turn facing my back until like the last minute, so the bigger part of her head was rubbing on my spine and all my nerves, so my contractions hurt worse in my back and legs more than they did in my pelvic area.

          but, that’s what happened to me the week before i went into labor basically, everything i wrote up there ^^. if you are experiencing any of that, you might want to call your doctor, especially if you still have 2 months left, because my baby was 4 weeks early, and is still in the NICU. she will be a week old saturday, sept. 17. so she’s been in there for almost a week now.

          but go see your doctor! even if it isn’t labor, there could be something else wrong that you need to get treated, so i would go just to be safe.

          and you might not have been having braxton hicks. i mean, yeah, it’s normal, but i went to the hospital on tuesday telling them everything that was wrong with me, and they sent me home after looking at my contractions on a monitor saying it was braxton hicks. and then 4 days later i had a premature baby… (we’re pretty pissed at the hospital right now, we feel like they should have caught it sooner with the symptoms i called in and said i had, and then maybe could have prevented it.)

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