prego or not?

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      Hey guys this myt sound stupid but can u be prego and still have ur period…?


        its not stupid, and yes you can. im n a situation lyke dat and i was informed by a doctor that its possible for a woman to menstrate all 9 months…………..wmb soon


          IT’S NOT CALLED MENSTRATION, that is your period which is the release of an egg and all that, when you are pregnant it is spotting, and if it gets to be more than like lite bleeding then it could be a problem, but don’t worry, spotting is a normal thing for some……sorry to sound harsh or ne thing…..


            aCtUaLLy- you could spot BUT you can also have a "period" like bleeding. like the post before says, its not really menstration b/c you are not still releasing an egg and you are not shedding the whole lining. its called decidual bleeding in most women. your body hasnt picked up on the pregnancy hormone and sheds parts of the lining where the egg is not implanted. it comes every month just like a period and can go your entire pregnancy and is still called a period. BUT DONT ASSUME IT IS A PERIOD UNTIL YOU TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR! you could be having a miscarriage or getting ready to have one. good luck girl!!!

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          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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