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      So the day after christmas 2006 i found out i was pregnant and 2 weeks later had an abortion. I regret it very much but since think I think I have become a little paranoid (in almost a hopeful way) about getting pregnant again. Like if i feel a little weird or my period is a little late i have to wonder.

      so anyway I have been on the birth control YAZ for 5 months now and last month i was late by about a day taking a pill or two. So when my period came it was just about a day or two after normal.. but it felt different. cramps were definately different than normal. anyway since then i have been paying close attention to any slight symptoms i may have relating to pregnancy. Its really weird that i can pick all this stuff out like i am a lot more gassy (sorry lol) in the past week and my lower back hurts a tiny tiny bit along with my abdomen, also all week i have had ridiculously insane cravings for food and idk if its cuz i just havent eaten enough or what. what also i have gotten some slight headaches in the past couple days and also have been way more tired than usual. i have to pee ALot and even in the night (even though i have always peed more frequently than the avg person) also i feel like ive gained weight and in the mornings on an empty stomach when i eat something it makes me feel a little nauseas.

      but what i want to know is yalls opinion on whether im just being paranoid (which is most likely the case) or maybe i should get a test! i almost dont want to take a test just because im going to be let down when i see it is negative. some part of me really wants to be pregnant and i dont know why. i think it is because of the abortion. well i know it is. anyways… any advice? anyone else whos had an abortion get these crazy thoughts too??

      ps sorry this thread is so long


        Hey thanks for posting. I talk with a lot of women who have also gone through an abortion and a typical response afterward is wanting to have a baby to take the place of the one they aborted. I feel like you are experiencing this as well. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be pregnant, but if you do decide to have a child, he or she will not take the place of the one you lost.

        There is good news, however. You can get free help from other women who have been through the same thing as you. These are post abortion support groups. You’ll be able to meet other women who have been through the same thing as you and understand your feelings of wanting to have another baby. Let me tell you how to find a group. Go to, click on "find a center", type in your zip code and a list of pregnancy resource centers will come up. Just call the one that is closest to you and tell them what you have been through. They will be so glad you called and they really want to help you.

        The best news is that it is free! You have nothing to lose by going and everything to gain.

        At the pregnancy resource center they will also be able to give you a free pregnancy test.


          to update my last post… im starting to have sharp pains in my breasts in spots and weird feelings in my abdomen like tightening and a sharp poking feeling every once in a while. im not due for a period for another 6 days. im starting to think this is more than just in my head and im so convinced i could be prego im scared to try a test. i couldnt take it for another few days anyways. my breasts havent hurt from a period since i started YAZ and i have never felt these weird pains in my abdomen before. im also engaged and have been engaged to a wonderful man for over a year now.. but im still somehow scared to tell him im even concerned i may be pregnant. i just dont want to stress him out if it turns out im not, but i also dont wanna be alone and have to take a test. i want him with me. i have been trying to hint to him by saying my breasts hurt and my stomach hurts but he isnt catching on cuz he knows im on birth control. advice?

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