Pregnant with twins and a deadbeat dad

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      Well I’m 18 years old and now 30 weeks pregnant with twin girls. 🙂
      I never knew you could love someone so much before you even met them but these babies are my whole world already.
      It’s overwhelming sometimes, but fortunately I have the full and complete support of my mother.
      My babies’ father………………..has made this hell from the get go and that’s something I didn’t expect from him.
      I was so in love with him, we were living together at the time I got pregnant but that didn’t stop him from walking out on me when I was two months along and he already has a new girlfriend. I can’t say I’m completely out of love with him but seeing the way he’s treating me even with his children on the way, it’s opened my eyes and I can honestly say I’d never want him back. However, it’s still hard considering he claims to want joint custody and he wants to be involved sooo much, but yet, it feels like he doesn’t want any of the responsibility and I don’t think he’s going to do his part at all. He wants everything to go his way all the time but he ALWAYS has an excuse for why he can’t make it to the doctors appointments or why when I call him he can’t be there for me. He…..he’s a joke. I honestly think his main concern is money. That’s the only thing he ever wants to talk about. Child support and taxes. It really makes me angry but I’m trying really hard to just let it all go lately. He’ll regret it one day I’m sure and my daughters and I are a family on our own and I know we’ll be okay. 🙂 Sometimes I wish I could just block him out of my life completely though. :/

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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