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      i’m 18 and 6 weeks pregnant. i went to get an abortion yesterday but once i was about to get on that table i couldn’t do it, i started hysterically crying and the doctors let me leave, my mom and boyfriend were in the waiting room when i got out and were very disappointed that i didnt go through with it, it was a very traumatic experience at the clinic and i cant believe theyre still begging and pressuring me to go back and try it again. My mind is made up, im keeping the baby and no one can stop me. it just sucks because this whole pregnancy im going to be alone and i know once the baby is born then they will love it, theyll regret pushing me to kill it.
      My problem is that my mother and boyfriend fight, hes not allowed over my house and his parents are currently not letting me over their house for many reasons. My mom said i can live in her house so i am until i get enough money to move out into a cheap apartment where i can live quietly and stress-free.
      Do you think i should just ignore everyone around me until they come around and be a little nicer, because all this screaming and stress/anxiety might cause me a miscarriage.

      I dropped out of community college and i dont have a job, my goal right now is to find a full time job and work until the day that baby is born. I have no idea what to do about my boyfriend, him and my mom cant stand eachother, they cant even be in the same room, so immature! my boyfriend said im ruining his life on purpose and hes begging me everyday to get an abortion, and he said if i dont get an abortion i better not make him pay child support and hes taking the baby to live in his home because he thinks im unfit to raise a child properly (being hes the one who wants to kill it).

      How do you teen moms do it without the fathers help or anyones really? Have you all started out in my situation? does it get better or easier? How did you get money in time for the baby?

      Ryans Mommy

        When i found out i was pregnant i was 18. Now im 19 and i have a beautiful baby boy. My mom doesnt allow my boyfriend over and i cant picture that changing anytime soon. I think its good that you followed how you felt, and that your sticking to your decision. Nobody has the right to take that from you. You have to follow your heart, because your not a litle girl anymore, you have a family to take care of. Check into all of the state assistance programs, they really help way more than you think. theyll give the baby and yourself health isurance, formula, food, milk, bread, help with diapers, and alot more.
        Also i think you should try to go back to school.(if at all posssible) realize, its not just your life, its your babys too. the better you do for yourself, the more of a chance you have to better your babys life.
        I hope everything gets better for you, think happy thoughts, youll be holding your baby soon enough, and everything wil be okay


          I know this can be really hard for you, I would love to be here for you and help be your support. I just had my baby, and at first some of my family were opting towards getting an abortion, that is including my boyfriend. I think he is acting very immaturely about this but hey girls mature faster then boys. You can do this, and its a very hard thing to do what you did(running out of the clinic like that) I envy you for hearing that, I don’t know if I could have done that. I get scared in those situations. Your mom may not be supportive right now but she is still letting you live there so thats great news. I don’t know what your home life is like but I will hope they start with the support, it takes time. Please feel free to even get my email if you want.. We could talk on msn. A little about me.. I’m 17 years old, I found out I was pregnant when I was 15 and shortly after turned 16. My mom was supportive and my dad was not, he said I could barely take care of myself. Well I am now living on my own with my 10 month old healthy boy. I am on a youth agreement so in other words the goverment helps by paying my rent and hydro. I live in Canada.Its defiantly a hard road, but well worth it. I’m looking forward to chatting too you. You can do this, just believe and you can achieve. Just ignore the negative, and try and be positive. Good luck!

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