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      i have glandular fever and last night my boyfriend decided to tell me that the last time we had sex (a month and a half ago) the condom split… nice of him… but that means that i could possibly be pregnant.
      i had a period since (two weeks after we had intercourse) but it was a week early and only lasted for 4 days. im usually a full 7 days.
      my stomach has gone stiff just under my naval, ive been peeing a heck of a lot and i have been feeling pretty light headed recently. i was just putting it down to being ill but i shouldnt still be feeling the effects of the illness so much so long after getting it.
      could this mean im pregnant?
      are these signs of being pregnant or is it just me being paranoid?
      any help would be really appreciated.


        stiffness under the navel was never told to me as a symptom of being pregnant.. but i started to get thick hips and a stiff uterus just 4 weeks after conception so thats possible. And the peeing alot is a definate. The best thing you could do is just take a test. Put your mind at rest, then you can either start looking forward to being a mummy.. or feel calmer that you have a couple of years to go


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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