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      A week ago me and my bf had unprotected sex twice. I freeked out because i hadnt took my pill for like 3 months so i quickley took to pills for the next 2days then i forgot to take them again. A few days later after we had sex maybe about 5 i got like a light brown colour when i went to the toilet, which i thought was just because maybe i had took the pill for 2days then stopped but this morning i woke up and i had been bleeding we had sex yesterday but used a condom.. Its now been over a week since we had unprotected sex and im really confused and worried espesially about the bleeding :S My period is not due until 11th nov would it be to early to take a test just now? please write back xx


        It could be implantation bleeding. STOP the birth control for now until you know, it could really affect the baby.


          You could be pregnant, but it does not sound likely.
          It is too early to take a test, unfortunately you have to wait until you period is a week late. 🙁
          But a blood test at the doctor’s might be able to tell you sooner.
          The spotting could be implantation bleeding, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. 🙂
          Keep us updated!


            well… you could be pregnant-and the bleeding would mean the implatation bleeding… but i think its a bit 2 soon for it.

            i would say, its your body responsing for the double dose of hormones that you gave him..

            sadly you can’t find out until your period is due, but until then keep yiourself healthy and dont tahe any birth controll.

            keep us posted,



              okay so my las period was oct 8th and my period for this month stil aint here!!i think im guna take a test 2moro but im really scard and embarrassd :$ 🙁


                if you have missed your period, its a good indicator
                that you are infact prego!
                you can take a test on he day of your missed period-
                usually it is accurate by then, if it comes back negative
                and you still have the feeling you preggies, test again
                in about a week.
                you should not be embarrassed at all- :cheer:
                hope it turns out ok hunny!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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