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      :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: im a pregnant teen in an abusive relationship. im only 15 the father of my baby is 19 he didnt want me to have the baby at first so he competely blew me off but at 3 months he came back finally, i was so happy until he started abusing me psychially and mentally/emotionally. my friends and his says its just his way of hiding his emotions. now i love him so so so so so so much and he’s the only person ive been with but im scared that h doesn’t really want this baby (even though he says he’s had a change of heart and wants to be there) im afraid hes still doesn’t and since i wot get an abortion hes decided to do it himself. now i know him and he doesnt mean any harm but hes scared and doesnt think hes ready for it i just wish he would find another way to show/hide his emotions because im 5 1/2 months pregnant and if he hits me again im afraid of what gonna be the end result.


        pulll away from that… ive been in a similar position. whether he loves u or not; or u do him, it can escalate and u will get hurt. Now, did u do the abortion? whatever the answer did u want to? despite ur emotions being confused, think clearly about wat u want for the future. then pray, hope and plan that it will be ok.


          well by the sound of it his intention is to kill ur baby….. which IMO he does mean harm…. as i dont c how he could mean anything else when he beats u to kill ur baby. do u really want to stick around and find out if hel do it? i think not, so my advice would be to get out of that relationship now! dont make excuses for him either hes a big boy and knows what hes doing


            He’s 19, not a child, and doesn’t have any excuse for this. Obviously, he can’t want this baby too much or he wouldn’t risk the baby’s life (or yours) by hurting you. At 15, you need to get away from him. What do your parents think? Or, do you hide it from them? If so, that’s the worst thing in the world you can do. It gives him a cover to hide under when his crime should be exposed. He’ll be a whole lot more likely to change, if not for your sake, for his and his child’s, if everyone knows what he’s doing and give him hell about it. That includes his family, your family, and all your/his friends. I’d put him in jail if you were my daughter.


              okay so my ex never hit me, dosnt mean theres no abuse… he said horriable thigns to me, made me cry so much.. threatened to hit me.. and it was all in front of our son.. so even if he dosnt kill the baby before its born.. think about what the child will go through.. i thought it would get better it but did acctully get worse like everyone said.. its hard to let go.. but you cant stay with someone like that.. you have to think about your future.. and your un born child.. i just recently escaped my horriable relationship.. it hurts to think about the fact that someone that "loves you" would do such things.. but if they do that.. how can they love you? — i dont beleive they do.. its time to step up as a mom, and protect yourself so you can protect your child.. it took me almost to long to step up.. and now that i have.. i have to say my son smiles more, i smile more, i have more freedom, i feel better about everything.. and all around.. life is so much sweeter.. so i can only hope that you come around and leave, it scares me to think that us mothers cant always accept its not good to stick around… and some of us wait too long…


                o know u love him but if he’s hitting u that is NOT a good relationship to raise a baby in and u NEED to get out!! NOW!!!!…please for the sake of ur baby get out and if he hits u again call the police!


                  You should defiently get away while you still can. be for he does something serious enough to cause you to loose your child as well as your life. ive been there and done that. But i was lucky enough notnto get pregnant. he doesnt deserve you and that beautiful child inside of you.


                    You need to get out of that relationshp and give your baby up for adoption.


                      no i didnt get the abortion and im glad i didnt because now im the proud mom of a beautiful baby boy


                        thanks so much


                          i thought about doing that but luckily i didnt. i ve had my baby and he has competely changed he loves his son and he loves me our loves are finally the same way they were


                            why in the hell would i give my baby up for adoption thats only giving him the benefit of the doubt no HELL NO i am keeping my baby whether hes there or not


                              Wow.. I would run as far as you can and don’t look back.. I wouldn’t stay and put my baby in harms way it is not worth it… Maybe you should think about the unborn baby right now and put their needs before your own and his… Have you looked into adoption for your baby? I don’t think that is the kind of enviorment that you want to have your child be a part of.. At least I wouldn’t.. The child will learn from what the daddy is doing to mommy is that what you want for your child? I would really think about your other options.. Don’t stay with someone who is going to physically abuse you, get out now before something happens to you or your unborn… This is my opinion though.


                                GET OUT….NOW!
                                Or do you want to stick around until he murders the baby? And maybe even you while he’s at it?
                                This is one of those times where you really have to run no matter how much you love him, your baby’s life is far more important than an abusive relationship.
                                There are domestic violence shelters for women, and police you can go to….please, please, tell them he hits you, and get away from him while you’re both still alive!


                                  For starters, NO ONE desverves to suffer from an abusive relationship and then to top it off you’re pregnant, your baby’s life is in danger! My advice is to pull away from him, take care of yourself and your child, you DONT need him especially treating you that way. I too was in the same situation and I know how you feel, you feel like he’s some little sensitive boy (child) that needs you and he doesn’t know how to control his emotions but the truth is he’s 19, not 2, he knows what he is doing, I’m not saying break up with him completely but for the time being stay away from him while you’re carrying that baby. I wish you the best of luck and I will keep you in my prayers. xoxoxoxoxo


                                    i wonder what the outcome was. She would of had the baby by now?


                                      sorry i didnt read the rest of the post 🙁 my fault. Ignore my comment.
                                      Congrats and im glad everything is going well for you guys.


                                        Have you got any other support, your mum, your dad, sister, teachers?
                                        Is your boyfriend having any supoort from any adults?
                                        Let us know how you are getting on.


                                          Hi any update on how you are doing?

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