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      First to introduce myself…My name is Katie and I am 14 years old.
      Okay just so you know…I have been checking out websites that are reliable like this one to try and figure out if I am pregnant. And I have just been looking up everything like symptoms to complications and just everything!! lol
      Alright here is the story…I was drunk one night and Jacob (my brother’s friend, my friend, and also my boyfriend at the time’s twin brother) was staying the night and we were both soooooo drunk that we ended up having sex that night and without protection. I started thinking about when my last period was and all of that stuff and I think it was around May 11. I had sex on May 27. So between then and now I have been having like every single symptom of pregnancy, I swear. Here is everything that I have noticed that isn’t quite right to me and seems like pregnancy!!!:
      *Twinges in my lower stomache every single day
      *Frequent urination
      *Sore breasts
      *Nausea at night mostly
      *I threw up a couple of times at night
      *Change of appetite because I used to be anorexic and never ate and I am always eating now!! always!!!!!!!
      *Heavy cervical mucous I guess it is called!! lol
      *Very irritable
      *Always tired
      *stuffs like that……
      So that is what was making me think I was pregnant!! I was almost positive…Then a couple of days ago, I got my period!!!! And when I was looking all of the pregnancy information up it said that it could just be spotting, but that is light bleeding and mine is like heavy bleeding. It is almost like a normal period. Plus, I said in here earlier that my last period was around the May 11…It was like June 14th when I got my period. That is still really late if it was my period. Well now I am beginning to think that there is something wrong because I was sure that I was pregnant. I all worried now and I am freaking out lately!!! I didn’t take a pregnancy test yet and I just keep holding it back because I am just too scared to see the results!!! Plus, if there is something wrong like an eptoptic pregnancy the wtore bought test won’t be able to pick it up. I was thinking about going downtown to the Pregnancy Resource Center, but I don’t have a ride!!! They would be able to find out what was going on because they are nurses. I just don’t know what to do…Tomorrow I think I am going to get a test at the store, but if it comes up as negative I will still be worried that something is wrong…I was thinking about going to my normal doctor, but I always have my mom take me and she will know and I don’t want her to know all of this. I will not tell her until I am for sure pregnant, otherwise, she is not going to know about any of it at all. I just really don’t know what to do…Any suggestions? What do you guys think???
      Thank you ahead of time to those who helped me out!!!!


        You should really go to a doctor b/c u may have just misscarried and you should get checked out to make sure that you’re ok.



          Hey!! This is Katie who posted this and this morning I took a pregnancy test and it was negative!!!!!! :woohoo: lol Yeah so I am happy…But what were all of those symptoms from…??? hhmmmmmm… :unsure: Well I don’t know…Maybe I was a little too stressed out…Wow!!!


            🙁 Wow!! Now that I think of it…I pobably did just have a miscarriage because I wasn’t healthy at all before this. I was anorexic so I didn’t have enough vitamins and minerals to keep myself healthy AND a baby healthy. I just put that all together. Oh my gosh!!!!!! Dang it!! Well I don’t know, but I like got my period like really heavy and that is why I thought I wasn’t and I just tested to make sure. It was pretty heavy and like almost chunky…Like goopy. Wow!! I am too busy to see a doctor right now because I am working all day until Friday!!! What are some other symptoms of a miscarriage? Well you know what…The night I had sex was on May 27 and that was a long time ago!!! It is probably too late to even know if I had a miscarriage now. What can they do about it anyways. Gosh, I know it!! I swear I was pregnant!!!! It was like…I could just feel it!! I just knew something was happening different inside of me!!! I know I had a miscarriage!!!!! What else cold it have been??????????????????? Dude!! This is not cool. I feel sad now…I knew something bad like that would happen!!!!!!!!!!


              I think that you should really go to the doctor the same thing happen to me but it came up that it was my period. Maybe it was like that because you could be around some different people which can make your hormones change.


                my cousin had a miscarrige and had to be hospitalized b/c of all the blood and pain. and the fact that it was chunky also means it was a miscarrige b/c it was the fetus and the placenta. sorry about your baby. u should still go to a doctor soon b/c there could be complications. u could get an infection or something.
                if u get ur anorexia under controll the chance of ur next pregnancy may not end in miscarrage. ~all the best~ nicole 🙂


                  Def go to the docs. Cuz you never know. And if your to scared to go to the docs then take a home pregnancy test. Cuz the sooner you know about your pregnancy the better cuz you need to start taking vitamins and all that jazz. So please do so. This stage is crucial in your babies developement if you are in fact pregnant.


                    Yah hun that happened to my older sister and she miscarried…so…you rly need to go to the doctors…! Cuz if you dont and you did in fact miscarry you could get an infection and that can harm ur next pregnancy…


                      Katie: If you had a miscarriage there could be parts of the fetus still in you…you could get an infection and die if you don’t get checked out….or you could get an infection and end up getting a hysterectomy (?sp?) where they take ALL your reproductive organs out and then you would NEVER EVER be able to have children…..Get your self checked out girl!



                        honey i doubt you had a miscarriage. A pregnancy test wouldn’t just come up negative. Your hormones levels don;t just drop suddenly. it can take up a month for them to even start going down. With me (and i had a very unuseual miscarriage) my hormones kept going up for the next month afterwards. but like i said that’s rare. but anyways you hormones don’t just go away when you miscarry. Like you said you were very unhealthy and anorexic (sp?) that’s probably why you felt like that. I don’t remember your orginal message but i’m guessing you had a late period and that can defintly delay or even stop your period.

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