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      April 3,2009 i had unprotected sex but i got my period on the 14th.On friday my boyfriend and I had sex again(unprotected.dont ask me just dumb)and of course he “busted” inside me.Im suppose to get my period on the 12th of may.But today i started spotting and i never spot.My breast are sore and the nipple area is dark with like these eyedeekay.HELP:blink:


        If you think you may be pregnant then you may want to take a pregnacy test, just to warn you though they are ussually not accurate untill after you have missed a period, but if you want to know sooner you can get a blood test by a doctor,i hope this helps you out.


          The only way you will know is to take a pregnancy test. But in the meantime… I know the wait is long.. you should try your best to just relax and don’t try and find symptoms (that will cause more stress for you). Wait to take a test till after your period would have passed. You normally would start showing symptoms till after your missed period.


            If you didn’t get your period on the 12th test. I tested the day I was suppose to miss my period (A day before mother’s day) and both pregnancy test were positive, they were faint but they were positive, I got my blood done and it was positive too.

            My Sympthoms:
            SORE Breast
            Frequent Urination.
            Constapation (EW!)
            And Gas
            Joysss of motherhood.


              If I were you I would take a pregnancy test. The same exact thing happened to me, and im pregnant after going to the doctors about it. good luck 🙂

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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