pregnant or not?

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      the firt day of my LMP was may 26, 05 i had unprotected sex on june 18th, 05 and havent gotten a period yet. i took a test on the 28th and it was neg. i have been feeling tired lately, irritable, frequent urination more than normal, watery mouth and having these lightening bolts of pain across my lower abdomen but they are not like my usual cramps. any advice?


        I think that you are and I would go the doctors just to make sure.If you are then you could take it from there


          well ladies, good news, Im not pregnant! i kinda got used to the fact that i was and the thought of being a mom was nice but it was a dissapoint ment when my cycle came this morning but its ok. i have the rest of my life to become a mother. i guess it was just nerves that made my period skip a WHOLE month and my mind brought on the symptoms. thanks for the advice liz.


            You may have tested too early, go te docotor and get a test done

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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