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      well I dont even know where to start exactly..I had my last period on the 12 of sept..then i had sex on the 23 of sept which is pretty close to my ovulation days..well a couple days after having sex i got really tired and my nipples started hurting..i figured well im bout to ovulate so i guess thas the cause.. but i have never ever been tired like this before im sleepy ALL the time..besides the fatigue and painful nipples, i been having headaches, moood swings, weird food cravings, bloated, running to the bathroom every chance i get, really bad gas, constipated, and everything, so i figured maybe i was the 12 of oct the day i have been waiting three weeks for,,well i started bleeding well really light and its kinda brown..but its not usually how i first come its like am i pregnant or not pregnant..i would jus like some other peoples opinions about my thinking of gettin tested this if anybody has any advice or would like to share past experiences please feel more than free too..


        I myself had my last period on the 10th of september and i had unprotected sex on the 24th of september and i have not got my period yet, i know the pregnancy symptoms and have been feeling them. i took a test on the 9th of october and it said i was not pregnant so i think we should both test again in another week. :silly:


          i’m betting on u being pregnant, because that’s most of the way i feel and am right now and i’m a little over a month pregnant….and if you are pregnant then congrats…..


            I think you should definately get a pregnancy test, because it’s best for if you are, you can start to take prenatal vitamins. I really wish you the best, get tested.


              It sounds like you are, but take test first just to be sure. If it comes back positive, good luck and be sure to go to the doctor’s right off…



                it sounds like all the right signs but there’s always the possibility youre just really late…. But more over, you should take a test because if you are, you should start vitimins and get into the doctor. Good luck babe! i hope things turn out how you want! let us know if you are!


                  well im about 34 weeks pregnant and i eas sondering if it was dangerous to blled after having sex? Please help!

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