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      hey guys,

      i am currently 6 days late on my period, which is usually late by no more than one or two days. my last period was april 12. My bf has been visting (hes in the military) and i had unprotected sex with him about 3 x a day from wednesday april 26th – thursday may 9th. i took a test the day i was supposed to get my period but it said negative. i have been extremely tired, taking naps all throughout the day, my nipples are sensitive, im very hungry, congested, and when i blow my nose its bloody (noticed that was a symptom on a couple of websites) i also have been having a lot of discharge, ill think i started my period and go to the restroom and i dont. i have been having cramps in my lower abdomen as well.. someone please help!!! i looked up on an ovulation calculator and my fertile days were between the 28th – 3rd. so what are the chances i could be preg? and when should i take another test to be sure??

      thanks so much



        well i would just wait because when i got pregnant i got cramps like i was goin to get my period, my breast were tender and i had missed my period and its mostly late but not more than 2 or 3 days….so if i was you i’ll wait a little longer and take another PT because i felt exactly how your feeling right now and i waited till it got to the other month!i was 13 days late when i took my PT! So just wait a little more or just take another one now and see!!

        Good Luck!!


          most likely yeah. i had unprotected sex threee times a day every day the whole month of january last year and october 4th there was a baby!!! haha, good luck and take another test!


            heey guys i took two more pregnancy tests today.. and gues what? im preg! im happy/sad at the same time i dont really kno. i took the ones that have a positive or negative symbol and both were faint positives . i kind of knew in my heart but anyways..

            my bf is stationed in GA and im not moving in with him till december… i know its best for me if i finish high school (im seventeen) bcuz an education is the best thing i can offer my little family.. i know its gonna be hard, especially when he goes to iraq for a year in AUG 07, but i think we can make it

            i really wanna keep my baby… is that the right thing to do???!


              I think that if you know in your heart that this is right you should most definately keep this baby! Its so hard to make that decision. Think though if it wasnt’ meant to be it wouldn’t be!
              Take care

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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