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      hi, i am new to this site.. but i have 2 children already and i still cant tell when i am pregnant.. ok but here s my question.. i have recently got off of the depo shot so i didnt have any menstral cycles, and all of these symptoms started. i have abdominal cramping like menstral cramps, my breasts are sore, i am always tired, i get constent headaches, i have been spotting,and i am always nausiated. i took a test about 3 weeks ago and it said negative…if i took another one would it make any difference between positive or negative? if you could give me some ideas that would be great.. thanks


        heya, u could be pregnant, take another test, before i had my miscarrage, to tell i was pregnant i had to take 3 tests before it said positive. so just take another test to be sure.


          Hell there!

          Considering you have 2 "other" Children already, I think you will know if you’re pregnant or not… just by the "body signs"… I really wish you the best of luck, if you do want to become pregnant, again. Hope all works out. Keep in touch…



            Sounds like you are pregnant… but as they say … all of those symptoms could be signs of something else also… I had all the same symptoms minus the bleeding… and I thought for sure I was pregnant and I wasnt… your best bet is to go to the dr and get a blood test that will tell you for SURE… Sorry I couldnt be of more help…. Good luck, best wishes

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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