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      i forgot my birth control pills when i went out of town with my boyfriend we had unprotected sex and i was on my last week, i wanted to know if i could be pregnant because i havent taken my pill. i dont want to take them if i might be pregnant. its been about 10 days since ive taken the last pill and ive been having sex almost everyday. ive been getting light cramps and ive been very emotional like crying for nothing and feeling sad, ive also been feeling sick like throwing up and dizzy. usually when i miss about 2 pills i start to bleed but i havent bleed at all??


        It sounds like you could be pregnant. If you missed your period I would get a test to find out for sure. Good luck I hope you get what you want.


          i hope your not because you sound like you dont want to be but if you are what ever you do dont have and abortion good luck :unsure:


            It really sounds like you’re pregnant. You were pretty smart in not taking birthcontrol because if you are pregnant that can really mess with your baby. But since you weren’t taking birth control, do you think the smartest thing you could’ve done was had sex? Good Luck. 😉

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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