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      Ok so I have been kind of nervous about maybe being pregnant. I did one of those calculators and it turns out my bf and I had sex around when I was ovulating. Right now..I’m moody as hell, My stomache never feels hungry but I want to eat and when I do eat I feel sick to my stomache, Im tired and I get really light headed and dizzy when I stand up. I dont know if any of those are symptoms though..and I dont have the typical sore breast. I was supposed to start my period yesterday and I still havent I took a test yesterday and it was negative..Is there a chance though that I can still be pregnant? If I was I would only be about 2 weeks..


      Thanks. xoxo


        hey well if u just missed ur period yesterday then it would be way to early for a home pregnancy test could tell..
        i say give it a week and then test again [if you dont get your period]
        and those are all pretty much syptoms of early pregnancy.
        Not all womens breast hurt right away so if thats not happening it might just come later. But usually if you stress out about this your period is not gonna come. So i would just relax and see how the week goes.

        hope this helps a little 😉



          hey darliin!
          well the possibility that u are pregnant is, the HPT are not alway 100%…
          i think you should wait one-two day and then make another one, and in the main time you should not think about beeing pregnant, ’cause sometimes if a woman wants to be pregnant, or thinks about it 2 much,our body can make a fake pregnancy…
          if your HPT will be negative and u still don’t get your period, i suggest you that u make a test in a clinic.

          i wish you luck and update your resoults.


            hey well i would suggest you wait another week then take another test, caus eif you think about it too much the stress can cause your period to be late but for sure wait a week then take it


              Yes, there is definitely a chance that you could be pregnant. Sometimes it can take a few days to a week after your missed period for there to be enough HCG to be in your system to produce a positive home pregnancy test. Wait a week and if you still don’t get your period, take a test and the results should be accurate by then. If you are still concerned, schedule a blood test with your doctor.


                Soo..I still havent had my period…and right now im not even worrying about it anymore. I graduate highschool this friday so my mind is only thinking about that! Im am going to wait a week like yall said and take another test…wish me luck.
                Thanks baby girls for replying!


                  Good idea to not worry about it!
                  Have a good time at your graduation, and let us know what the next test result is!

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