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      So this is my story. I just signed up today so I’m VERY new to this site. I’ll try to make my story easy to follow 🙂

      I’m 20. A Sophomore in college with a GPA of 3.65. I got on the pill at a young age because my periods are evil and made me sick on more than one occasion. I didn’t get on it for pregnancy prevention.

      I started dating my boyfriend Sophomore year in high school, and I’d already known him a year. He’s my best friend, my boyfriend, and my everything.

      I waited until I was out of High School to have sex. It wasn’t until exactly New Years for 2009. Age 18. We used condoms and I was still on the pill. But I didn’t tell him I was on the pill because I wanted to be as safe as possible.

      After I started college I moved to the East Coast to live in the dorms, and he lives on the West Coast, where my family lives. So I normally only get to see him summer and winter break, but this year was different.

      This year he enlisted in the Army (Cavalry Scouts) so I booked a last minute flight to come home and see him for spring break. I didn’t know I was paying hundreds of dollars to get pregnant.

      I was on the pill and using a condom, it just goes to show you anything can happen. I’ve told him but no one else. I don’t want to abort. I was debating it but I just couldn’t do it. I went to the mall to think, and a little girl with curly red hair and blue eyes was playing “hide and seek” with me over a booth where I grabbed lunch. That’s when I knew I couldn’t kill a part of me and someone I love.

      But I am worried because I will be alone and pregnant. My boyfriend leaves for training at Fort Knox on May 18th- 3 days after I get back. He will be gone 16 weeks. He said he will support me no matter what I chose to do. He agrees with keeping our child. I will only be able to write him.

      After boot he will be able to visit me for a maximum of 2 weeks, I will be about 25 weeks pregnant. Then he will be stationed who knows where. We are going to work on letting me finish college at the school I am at. Which means I will be alone. Alone. With all family on the West Coast.

      My rents will freak out, I don’t know how his will act. But I think since we have figured it out they will need to suck it up or they won’t have their grandchild in their life.

      After college I plan on getting an apt near what ever base he’s stationed at so he can have a relationship with them. Marriage is an option but he would need to ask. I told him I don’t want this to be the only reason. We’re setting up a shared bank account when I get home. (his idea).

      If it is a boy he will be naming him.
      If it’s a girl I will name her:
      Charlotte Jean Rogers. “Lottie”

      I have my first appointment this Friday. I am glad I found out at only around 5 weeks; because I’m on the pill I only get my period every three months. I’m glad I found out when I was still able to make a choice.

      How can I deal with being totally alone and worried about him?

      Am I making the right choice? Or should we adopt, I know that things will be tight and I need to stay in college.

      He was already going to be in life forever, friend or more, so I’m glad it was with him.


      P.S. I'm pro-choice. I just choose not to. And I know it's a hard choice.


        I love stories like this.
        Its great to hear he will stick by you no matter what.
        The grandparents will probably be shocked BUT will get used to the idea. Afterall its their grandchild coming into the world.

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