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      I just wanted to give an update to you ladies. The semester just started at the university that I transferred to, I had my first day of classes yesterday. I was kind of worried, being 31 weeks pregnant, that it was going to be rough. There were some stares, but other than that, people were nice! There was a guy who saw my belly and stopped to hold the door for me, gosh i guess chivalry isn’t completely dead haha. I have kind of given up on men so it was nice to see there was a gentleman around somewhere. There was a sweet girl in one of my classes who wanted to know all about the baby, and was just overall really nice. And all but one of my professors are willing to work with me when the baby comes, so that I can finish the semester. So I’m just going to have to drop one class, which is great. I had hoped that everything would work out, and it seems like it is going to.

      And another thing…my baby’s bail-out father has told me that he and his mother (who has not been very nice to me at all since all this happened) want to be there when I have my son. I am not sure what to think about that. I mean yes, he is the father, he should be there, but how can he just decide all of a sudden, when he has shunned me my whole pregnancy, that he wants to be there? It upsets me.


        That’s wonderful news that things are working out with school! I’m sure I speak for everyone here in saying we’re proud of you following through with your education.

        As for the baby’s dad and his mom, I’m not sure what I’d do in your situation. I think it would depend partly on whether he acted afraid and bailed or if he was just plain hateful, the same with his mom. If you do decide to let them be there, I’d make sure they know beforehand that they hurt you with their behavior and that you won’t tolerate the same treatment of your child in the future. So, if they want to be there, they’d better be committed to your baby.


          Wow. I am so proud of you to not only finish school but to have the strength to do it alone. It must be scary going to school wondering what people are thinking but honestly who cares:P I mean people can be very mean and that’s a sad part of life. Luckliy you had a prince charming to maybe reopen your eyes to the whole male Plus it’s awesome that the girl and your professors are so great to you. As far as the father and sounds like DEVIL:evil: mother are concerned well that’s tough. I mean he is the babies fatherbut I would have a very serious talk with him and the mom about how unfairly they treated you the entire pregnancy. I mean what gives them the right to all of a sudden be there as if nothing happened. This could also cause you stress & high blood pressure that You don’t need, especially not now. If they can actually offer sincerity about not being there I would consider letting them be there but if it seems too shady do it on our own. You seem to be strong enough on your own anyways. Take care and Good Luck. Keep me posted!!!!:kiss:

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