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      ok so i think i just might be pregnant and i know theres so many posts but i had something odd happen to me today so i felt like i should share and get opinions. I was at school today and all of a sudden i started feeling nausious and then really dizzy and couldnt see straight. then i got really really really hot and so i went to the nurse and she told me that my temperature was like 93. One of my friends told me that this can happen when you’re pregnant. Other symptoms ive had are feeling really really really tired, and then my breasts have been really really sore and i had two periods in feb. 7-11 and then 24-28 but i havent had one since then…also we didnt use protection and so im really scared! i could really use some help!

      gina lynn

        well if your temp was 93 it would mean you were hypothermic. what you should do is take a pregnancy test.


          Will all you can really do is wait to see if your next period comes. Try to relax and look to your boyfriend for support! Good luck!


            i think all the explains for itself!
            take a test hun.
            its the best advice i think.
            so its been a month nearly since your last one?
            wait a week and a bit and then test.



              Girl I had pretty much the same thing going on with me. But not just at the beginning, even in the later months so I just asked my doc what it is and it’s low blood pressure. It could be u have the same thing. It’s very common to have low blood pressure, especially being young and pregnant. I get that all the time, and it is dangerous later on cause u can pass out from that. It just meens your brain isn’t getting enough blood, so u have to sit down and put your head low between your legs.


                it might just be hormones. there is no point in stressing yet just be calm

                good luck


                  since think that your pregnant you should take the test and go from there. I first became pregnant when I was 17 and my son changed my life.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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