pregnant?..i need advice please.

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      just to start off i read some of the messages//advice yall left..and yall give such good thats why i decided to ask you guys for advice..

      sorry for the from

      anyway, i might be pregnant…

      ive had some acne ( i usually only get one or two when my period comes…but i have it EVERYWHERE)..sore nipples..white milky discharge (sorry..tmi)…tiredness….

      i usually dont get any symptoms when i start my period..except for cramps.

      i just had a weird period…it was 2 days late..kind of notorious for bad cramps..but i had NONE at all…it was weird.

      i know i should just take a test..but i guess im just a lil scared..if i do turn out to be pregnant..i will def. keep the baby..i think it would be hard but a wonderful experience.

      thank you all for your advice..i really do appreciate it..


        sounds it! take a test!!! and while your at it swing by the baby section. when that second line showed up 18 months ago i about crapped myself but its been soooo worth it!


          Being pregnant can be the happiest time of your life, so embrace it, because in the end you get the worlds greatest pay off, a beautiful baby who looks at you like your the greatest person who ever lived. So, take the test, and don’t be nervous, because everyone on this site is here for you, and you have plenty of support.

          Good luck,
          Michelle J.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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