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      Oh God here we go

      Well I am seventeen, will be eighteen in a few months. My boyfriend (who is mature and older-looking for his age) is only fourteen. I’m not sure yet if I’m pregnant because my period hasn’t come around, but I am experiencing all the symptoms. He’ll be fifteen shortly, but I am still so nervous about me getting in trouble and his well-being. Before I go further, I *obviously* want to keep my baby. I’ve already had one miscarriage and and abortion with guys that weren’t right for me, but I am in love with my current boyfriend (I couldn’t tell you what he feels for me.)

      I think I just need some support as I take these tests. I go to Planned Parenthood soon, so I guess I’ll find out then!


        Hey there, My name is Meg…first things first, calm down as best as you can, if you are pregnant there is no way of taking it back and you want to be healthy and as stress free as possible….until you take the test and find out for sure just make sure you eat healthy, drink lots of water and rest when needed, also it might be a good idea to not have sex at least until you know for so that you can avoid becoming pregnant in the mean time if you are not currently…make sense? Ok now, I would strongly encourage you to contact optionline rather than planned parenthood, at PP they will tell you (if you are pregnant) that your baby is a blob or uterine matter, rather than the truth that a baby is a baby….they shove birth control and abortions in your face and never take the time to talk about your situation and offer healthy alternatives such as adoption or respecting your body…the difference between PP and a pregnancy resource center is that people at PP get paid to encourage abortion, regardless of the risks it poses to you both emotionally and physically, many of the women who work at PP do not have experience with crisis pregnancy and look down on young girls like yourself for “getting themselves in trouble” they feel that they should encourage you to get an abortion so that their tax paying dollars do not have to fund your welfare….honestly do you trust the opinion of someone who looks at you that way or someone who does not make a profit from giving you advice that has nothing to do with the economy or politics…if you call Optionline at 1-800-395-HELP then you will get the number and location to the closest pregnancy resource center to you where you can get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test, no pressure to abort, talk to a woman one on one who cares about what YOU want and is willing to look deeper into realistic options that are healthy for all involved and will help you with practical resources whether you are pregnant or not, and if you are they will help you break the news to your parents if needed and help you with all sorts of things you would never experience at PP….so anyways PP doesn’t have your best interest in mind but a pregnancy resource center does…as for the age of your boyfriend, yeah you are getting close to that line where you could get in trouble, have you thought about holding off on the sexual aspect of your relationship? You can still be together without being physical…I am sorry for your loss in the past, please don’t let history repeat itself, Stand Up and make a better choice for you and your future children…I am here to talk along with many other girls who really care about you…Love Meg

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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